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Has the world gone mad? Are we loosing grip on reality? Well in the last week on this little planet we call earth, it sure feels like it.

One would have to be living under a rock to not know about Corvid-19 (Coronavirus), it seems to be all anyone is talking about and it is creating great anxiety in us all. For most of us level headed, logic minded people it is not so much the virus, or the threat of contracting the virus that is causing this stress, it is the actions being taken around the world to mitigate the spread of the virus that is.

Self-quarantine, forced quarantine, toilet paper and hand sanitizer hoarding, borders closed, events cancelled, the world has rolled up it’s welcome mat and closed it doors until further notice.

And then there’s the news. Daily infected counts, leaders taking sweeping measures to stave off economic hardships, stock market’s plunging, and the echoes of Chicken Little crying out that the sky is falling. How could you not feel your heart rate rise and experience the feeling of anxiety in your gut, it seems unavoidable.

But there is a simple exercise that can help and has been used for centuries. Through war and famine, through sickness and health, in good time and bad, this simple technique puts life and the current chaos the world is experiencing in personal perspective – count your blessings.




The world right now is focused on fear and lack. Yes Corvid-19 is real. Yes people have died and yes, the measures that world authorities are putting in place are deemed necessary to stop the spread of this dangerous infection but it is not world ending.

Count your blessings. Look at what you have, not what you may or may not lose. Look at what is going good in your life and not the temporary disruptions currently affecting it. This situation will soon pass and life will continue on. Be thankful for that.

Just in case you needed some proof that counting your blessing really does help, know this. When you are in a state of gratitude and thankfulness, you are vibrating out from your body positive energy waves that effect others. You are in effect, producing a calming effect not only for your self but for the people around you. Even if you are in isolation, your energy waves can connect to the matrix of energy enveloping the earth.

Just like a single drop of water will not make a river overflow its banks, a thousand drops might, so every bit of gratitude, every blessing counted does matter. So start counting yours.

Gratitude and thankfulness are the antidotes to anxiety and stress. When you feel less anxiety and stress, you are in a better emotional state to make sound decisions based facts and not fear. You will begin to feel abundance in your life and not emotions likeĀ  lack that leads to hoarding. You will begin to see ways to help, instead of ways to avoid. But most of all, you will rise above the cacophony of craziness with a calm confidenceĀ  of knowing, that this too shall pass.




So right now, before you switch over to your social media and all those memes making fun of the lunacy of toilet paper hoarding, count your blessings. Before you hear one more statistic on infection rates and before your anxiety rises one more notch over borders closing and canceled sporting seasons, count your blessings.

You are here, you are safe, your have food, a roof over your head and people who love you and who you love in return. For this one moment in time, it is all you need to know. That is reasons enough to feel grateful and blessed. So count that as a blessing too.























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