The Slap Felt Around The World



Am I the only one who finds it ironic that we are choking mother nature with vast amounts of pollution and she has unleashed a pandemic that sees the poor souls who get  infected, labour to breath? Or that protectionism is spreading throughout modern societies where countries are taking an “us first” attitude by closing borders to migrants and refugees, adding large tariffs to imported goods deemed to be unfairly priced and leaving decades long, multi-country partnerships because they fear the loss of their own unique identities, only to have their own populations put into self-isolation by a virus that has no personal agenda or prejudice?

Universal karma is a bitch, but she is not vindictive. On the contrary, she is only reflecting back the energy that is being created by the conscious collective. A little tit for tat perhaps but certainly a case for the consequence of making poor choices.

Has the human species finally reached a reckoning point in evolution? We know we are harming our environment. We know that our current rate of consumption is unsustainable. We also know that our current monetary and political systems are cracking under the immense pressure of an unequal distribution of wealth and power. Is this world wide pandemic crisis the domino that will start the others toppling over?

I always laugh when folks say to me that we need to save the earth. It’s not the earth that we should be worried about. When mother nature has reached her limit with us, she will just kick our sorry asses off this planet and regenerate back to her perfect balance once again. In these few weeks of suppressed global movement, we are already seeing her do just that. Air pollution is dissipating, and waterways are clearing around areas hit hard by the virus because mankind is no longer active there. Instead they are sheltering quietly in place using measurably less resources. This is proof that mother nature does not need mankind, but we sure as hell need her.

I believe though, that this pandemic is a wake up call. There is still hope for us just as long as we learn the lessons of this world wide event and change our ways before they are changed forever for us.

We may be for the most part, in isolation from each other right now, but we are not disconnected. Each person, each life, is just one part of the whole. What happens to one, happens to all.

The internet is the great connector of our modern time. It has created for our civilisation, access to vast amounts of information for every person who has access to it. Knowledge and learning is now available to all. But how ironic that the part of the world wide web that most people gravitate to, is social media. We are social beings and the need to be seen and heard is hard wired into our DNA. So why do we as a whole, feel so alone or disconnected to humanity more than at any other time in history? Because we are.

Think of the term “world wide web” and imagine a electronic web gridding around the world like the web of a spider. Through that web, we can connect with any one, any where around the world who is also connected through a computer on this web. But like a spider web, the world wide web is two dimensional. It is linear and has no depth.




Humans need depth. We are multi-sensory beings. The internet does not allow all of our senses to be used when we are interacting with others. We need to connect to the energy fields of the things we are interacting with in order to create a deep understanding. We need to see, touch, smell, feel. We need to sense with our intuition – does this feel right to us? So while we may be self isolating right now to avoid a virus, we have actually been self isolating for many years now. If you are feeling a little stir crazy being stuck in side your home right now, is it any wonder that your soul has been searching for real connection to the “universal web” for years, maybe all your life, and you chalked it up to depression, dis-ease, fear, anger, ignorance, jealousy, or ignorance?

I always say to the folks I do intuitive readings for that the universe starts out with gentle whispers when we need to change our lives. If we do not see, or refuse to heed it’s guidance, it ups the ante until it gets so frustrated with the fact that we aren’t listening,  it finally slaps us up the side of the head with a crisis of some sort so we can’t help but pay attention and are then forced to change. The situation the world is experiencing right now is a collective slap.

So here is a lesson. Here is a wake up call. The universe has been whispering in ours ears for some time now. It has been waving red flags in front of our faces but instead of seeing them for the warnings that they were, we were so disconnected to the whole that we saw them as aggressions and slights. We decided to get all defensive, to take it personally, and we started putting up walls and isolate ourselves from the collective, and we did this at our own peril because we have always been and will never not be connected.

What we do to ourselves, we do to everyone and everything else. That is an un-negotiable, un-mutable universal law and right now, at this moment in history, the human race is doing its best to break that law, and the earth and the universe are pushing back.

So when life returns to whatever normal we find ourselves left with when this pandemic has finally run it’s course, I hope you take away this one important lesson: We, as a race are not superior to anything else that inhabits this world. We are just one cog in the universal wheel. Our job as an intelligent cog is to maintain the wheels balance for all. We are not the driver of the wheel and we sure as hell did not create it, but for a long while now, our unwavering compulsion for singular supremacy above the whole has left that wheel wobbly and maybe a little damaged. We have ignored our responsibility to the whole at our own folly.

The human race must evolve. There is no plan B. Re-connect or parish. Understand the wonder, of once again being in the world and not of the world. Create depth in relationships.  Reach out and actually touch someone, connect your energy to theirs. Hug a tree. Be washed fresh by a flowing stream. Stand in awe of a new day. Be in gratitude for the gift of this world and the experience of life, without any expectation other than the connection you have long forgot it has always offer to us, every single day.

The universal web is multi dimensional and ever present, no battery or plug-in required. All that is needed to connect back on to it, is nothing more than awareness. The universe has been trying to tell us this for a very long time. Perhaps it is time to start listening.































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6 thoughts on “The Slap Felt Around The World

  1. Total bull shit waste of time post. Nothing to do with it except China being idiots

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    1. Wow, did you ever consider that it’s folks like you who need to blame others, point fingers and call other countries names who might be contributing to the problem?
      But I thank you for your input. You have a right to your opinion and so do I.

  2. Thoughtful post, Diana. Very thoughtful. It’s not surprising “whl” left this BS waste of time comment. It’s part of evolution that idiots like this don’t identify themselves when they maliciously try to take someone down. It’s like the virus – cloaking itself and looking for weakness to cull out the strong. Ignore this ignoramus and keep on posting your well thought out opinions. The majority of us get it, although most never comment.

    1. Well thank you Gary for your kind support. I did not take offence to “whl” in the least. Their comments just adds more weight to what I was actually saying. But I appreciate you taking the time to come by, adding your opinion and coming to my defence. 🙏🏻

  3. I have to agree with you, Diana. Beloved and I have ventured for some time that Mother Earth would not continue to tolerate mankind’s abuse and, like any scolding parent, would issue us with a tough lesson. It’s now up to Her children to take heed and learn how to tread more lightly upon this beautiful home that She provides for us.

    1. I only hope her spoiled children learn the lesson for I fear Mother Nature may begin using a little tough love on her offspring. Nice to here from you Suzyhomemakeruk. I hope all is well in you world.

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