Is It Time For A Personal Energy Re-set?



I’m a bit of a Pollyanna, I prefer to look on the bright side of life. I see this current pause as an gift. As long as I am healthy, have food and a roof over my head, I will count my blessings instead of pointing fingers, blaming and railing at the world for the injustice of it all. Why bother, it won’t change a thing and I’ll only be angry, or depressed, but still sitting in my house self isolating. So why not use this time for my benefit and re-balance my outlook on life.

How many times have I wished that I could be relieved of all the outside influences that suck at my energy just long enough to hear myself think? I have that right now, so I’ve started to do just that – think, and you can too.

I’m in a bit of a unique situation in that I was about to be layed off from my part-time job at the little vintage store anyway as it was due to close May 1st., so I was already in the mind set of  considering what’s next.  I was tentively making plans but even they are now on hold and perhaps that is a good thing because now I have the chance to get my head in a better space and re-balance my energy.

Here’s what I am doing to ensure I am ready to hit the ground running when life gets going once again. You may notice that I didn’t used the word “normal” here. Normal implies that things will go back to the way they were and that is just not true. What is true is that there will, eventually, be a new normal and it is right now that we have the chance to create it.

Now that I have had this chance to slow down and see what is essential in my life, the first thing I had to asked myself is what do I no longer want to have polluting my energy field? If you are like me and have developed a low tolerance for the current spirit of blame, shame and corruption that is permeating our news, social media and even on our streets, then exposing yourself to a constant diet of it would be, in my books, the first thing to limit. I have decided that I want the vibrant and healing energy of more kindness, more love, and more hugs in my life instead of the negative status quo currently circulating in society.

It would follow logically then that the next thing to consider is what can I do to see that happen. We always have the power to decide who or what we surround ourselves with. I can choose to limit my news intake. I can choose to unfollow negative people on social media and I can choose to surround myself with kind people in my everyday, real life. It just takes purposeful action on my part to do so and nothing more.

So that’s a beginning for my energy re-set, creating a bubble of positive vitality and spirit around myself. Here’s a curious thing about personal energy, when you only allow positive energy into your field of influence, you tend to only release positive energy out into the world as well. It’s a two way system, good in, good out. Just like eating healthy and only consuming whole foods produces the physical output of clean, vibrant body wellness, positive energy produces a clean vibrant personal energy field.  Which by the way, contributes to your holistic health as well.

A vibrant energy vibration attracts other like vibrations so positive people and events soon enter into your life.

This is why some folks seem like they have all the luck. In truth, they probably have as many problems as the rest of us but because they have a positive outlook on life, they shake their troubles off easier and get on with life. It’s a matter of odds really, the more you see the bright side of situations, the less you see the dark sides.

Now, how about you? Are you sick of the chaotic energy swirling the globe of late? Have you experienced a glimmer of kindness and positivity in others since this pandemic has caused the world to pause? Or at the very least, has having time to think given you a reality check on what really matters in life? You can do something about it you know. Just like a light switch, you can re-set your personal energy field from negative to positive.

What a radical thought. Simply changing your attitude to positive thinking and acting with kindness can actually bring nicer people and better situations into your life. Could it be this easy? And what if more people tried doing this? Estimates from several university studies suggest that as little as 10% of the population making a positive change can affect the world as a whole.

Imagine if the vast majority turned away from the things that brought negativity into our lives. Imagine turning off the news outlets whose broadcast platforms are built on drama and shock. Imagine if people started ignoring the critics and the spreaders of lies. Imagine if we demanded a kinder way.

These are the bullies in our energy fields and it is time we simply walk away from them. It’s time that we reward kindness and cooperation. It’s time we demand that leaders work together for the good of all instead of the anointed few. It’s as simple as each of us re-setting our energy to open up and celebrate positivity while building a strong personal outflowing energy current to ward off what no longer serves the human collective.

We have the opportunity to create a new normal for society. We have been given this gift of pause and reflection. Look at this time to re-set and re-balance yourself into what you want the world you live in to reflect in you instead of living in a world that is no longer congruent with the hearts and souls of the common man.

To stand up to the negativity in our world and bombard it with positivity, is a simple, but bold idea, but it’s the best choice. One for a brand new world once this pandemic runs its course. It’s time for all of us to re-set our energy. It’s time to actively choose the higher vibration of kindness and create a brand new normal for us all.




























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