The Power Of Choice Or The Choice Of Power



At the core of every choice you make, is the element of power fueling the decision. Whether the choice empowers you, dis-empowers you, or maintains your current level of personal power, this element is the spark that sends the decision out into the world.

Once you understand that power is the motivating factor of everything you do, from choosing a partner to picking out which pair of socks you will wear today, you become cognisant of why you choose how you do.

There are two kinds of personal power – external and internal.

External power is the kind that distinguishes your presence out in the world. It is your social status and your ability to leverage others to accommodate your own personal agenda. External power tools include, money, fame and career achievements. These are things that can be acquired through sound choices, hard work and focus, then leveraged to create more of what you seek out in the physical world.

When you are making choices out in the external world, the intent of the power behind the choice makes all the difference. If you have chosen well and used the power behind those choices for good, then you can create wondrous things for the good of all, but if you have made choices that are self serving with little regard of whether they empowered or dis-empowered others, then perhaps your choices may eventually result in destructive chaos.

We are living in a time where we are seeing how the power of both kinds of these external choices are effecting everyone’s lives. Which one are you contributing to?

Internal choices are the decisions you make that develop your personal world. This is the realm of morals, beliefs, integrity and self confidence. As with external choices, it is the intent behind the power fueling the choice that determines the outcome. Poor internal choices lead to addictions, depression, lack of confidence, moral corruption and a weak foundation to build a life from. Good internal choices, supported by the power of compassion, love, empathy and integrity, fuel an internal world of self-confidence, self-love and self-worth.

It is estimated that we make, on average, 35,000 choices a day. Most of those choices are made with little conscious thought of the power used in deciding. Who cares if you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? What difference does it make that you hit the snooze button an extra time this morning before getting up, and how does that effect your ability to maintain your power of choice either internally or externally?

It all comes down to realizing how much power human beings really do possess and then understanding that with the right intention, we can achieve anything we choose to achieve.

We are the only species on this planet with the ability to reason. Yet when we make choices automatically, or irrationally, without thought to the consequences, or if we choose from a purely selfish power perspective, then we have not used that unique ability and are in fact, acting unreasonably and from an un-evolved animalistic nature. This is how we loose power and our choices diminish.

You are in control of the choices you make and, your choices in turn, have the power to either empower you or dis-empower you, but the real wisdom here is that no matter where you find yourself in life because of past choices, you always have the power to make better ones.

It’s been said that we are only one choice away from a new and better life and I believe that to be true, but then it would also be true that you are also just one choice away from a far worse life as well. There is power in your choices but it is in how you choose to use that power fueling those choices that will determine the course of your life, so choose wisely.



























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6 thoughts on “The Power Of Choice Or The Choice Of Power

  1. I absolutely agree! And isn’t it amazing that the choices that improve us personally are the choices we make to improve those around us?
    Beautifully done!

  2. Ah, choice. What a great topic. I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom of choice, but you’ve prompted me to dive a bit deeper. I tend to think about things in terms of core human needs. Choice — what we choose — reveals our need-based priorities. Do I choose based on my need for security or control? Or belonging? Or purpose? Choice is where Autonomy meets with every other need. Hmm. Thank you for such a thought-provoking post!

    1. Well Jen we are even then because your post on freedom gave me pause for reflection on our choices as well. 🙏🏻 I think we are both advocating to seek the middle ground.

  3. 35,000 choices a day – I had no idea! I think intention plays an important role in helping us make good choices that empower us. Really good post!

    1. Intention is huge but think about the choices you make in your life that you give little thought to. Was intention a factor in the decision? Or was past programming, as in “we always done it this way”, or maybe fear or even entitlement. Power decides. Empowerment, disempowerment or maintaining ones current power. Thanks for coming by and being part of the conversation.

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