Living With Divine Magic

The Italian pasty called a zeppole.

I love when I see signs and synchronicities or have experiences I feel are magical. It makes me know that I am in flow with the universe and that I am connected to all that is.

Like most folks, I can go for a while where life is just life. Where the everyday chores and responsibilities make up the bulk of my present focus. Where I feel as if I’m on the hamster wheel of life and one day or one week, pretty much looks the same as the next. It is when I am in this kind of cycle that my personal energies can get sludged up with the dirt and grit of the everyday world. So it’s refreshing, at least for me, when I experience a series of what I think of as magical events.

Now I’m not talking about big stage magic. No slight of hand is being performed. No one is waving a magic wand or saying abracadabra, and certainly no one is being sawed in half or disappearing from sight only to reappear, smiling and waving their hands with showman flourish on another part of the stage.

This is not witchy magic either. No toads, bats or the eyes of newts are being sacrificed in blackened cauldrons of boiling potion. What I am talking about is the enchantment of everyday magic. The simple occurrences, that if you experience with a sense of wonder and amazement, their very existence can make for a wonderfully, magically blessed life.

The magic I am talking about is divine magic. When experienced, you have to understand that you are glimpsing a teeny weeny expression of an incredibly powerful universe and if you realize this, you may also realize that, as a member of this immensely vast and infinite cosmos, you have access to this magical power yourself.

Let me give you a couple of examples that happened to me recently.

I usually read 2-3 books a week. I prefer to read books in my leisure time and am always looking for unique stories to entertain me. The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler was in this category and I highly recommend you check it out but it was while reading this book that my perspective of divine magic happened.

In the book the sister of the main character picks up a zeppole and takes a bite. I had never heard of such a food before so I used my ereader’s dictionary to look up what it was. It came back with “no definition found”. Curious and a little frustrated that I did not get a answer, I continued on with reading the story anyway. The very next day, while on Facebook, I find a post from my aunt on my personal feed with a picture of a zeppole. My aunt lives several thousands of kilometres away from me. The post was random even for her. We conversed about this pastry treat and I learned that it was an Italian confection. She was reminded of a well known bakery in her area so that’s why she posted the picture and as there are no such bakeries in my city, I then understood why I had never heard of a zeppole before, and also why my English, and not Italian dictionary in my ereader gave me no definition for it.

What are the odds of my aunt posting an image of the very thing that my curiosity was interested in? How random of an experience, yet how playfully magical. You may chalk this story up as pure chance but you’d also have to admit the timing and the odds had a synchronistic flavour to them as well.

Here’s another example of divine magic for me. One that shows how the universe communicates encouragement.

For years I have seen certain sets of numbers such a 1111 or 911. This is a common phenomenon and nothing uniquely special to myself. I have learned to identify seeing a number series as a form of communication from the divine, so when they are included in another synchronistic event, I can be confident that the universe is giving me confirmation that I am on the right track.

I started getting interested in learning more about universal archetypes at the end of last year. I was about to sign up for Carol Myss’ online course on the subject but reined in my enthusiasm (and my cheque book) and decided to read Sacred Contracts, her book on the subject first. I started on the book but could not get into it. My focus was just not there so I put it down and went on for a period of time reading for pleasure only. Last week, after running out of entertainment fluff to read, I started on Caroline’s book again and I’m finding the information presented absolutely perfect for my curiosity right now. The day after I picked up the book once again, a friend sent me a link to a woman’s website who is trained and certified through Caroline Myss’ online school in archetypal counselling. Even though we had talked about my desire to learn about archetypes in the past, I found it interesting with the timing of his message.

This is where seeing numbers comes in. That night after receiving the woman’s website link from my friend, I woke up and looked over at my clock to see 4:44 am. Again nothing special except it just seemed to glow brighter than normal so I took it as a message from the divine and the following morning looked up what it meant.

444 in numerology has the creative energy of 3 (there are 3 fours in a row) and the practical, hard working energy of 4. My intuition tells me that the time is right to pursue learning about universal archetypes but to have fun with it as well.

I might add that the following afternoon I looked at the clock again at exactly 4:44 pm. I had already gotten the message the universe was offering so this coincidence just made my smile like I was sharing an inside joke with the divine. And that’s the thing here, divine magic can be light hearted. The world is full of wonder and as adults we tend to loose our child like ability to experience the simple sparks of magic that are all around us.

To embrace divine magic and enjoy it in your everyday life you need to exercise two important skills that are within us all. The first is the ability to be open to your curiosity. Some might call this skill the ability to being open to possibilities but I like the word curiosity better because when you are curious you suspend your rational mind and personal opinions that are apt to colour the experience with programmed reactions. Being open to possibilities to me implies an analytical/research perspective where you are willing to entertain the experience but will still be looking for a plausible explanation.

The second skill needed to embrace divine magic into your life is to hone your intuition. Let’s face it, if the universe used straight forward messaging to aid you in your life you would not need free will. Every spark of divine magic has the ability to offer a different insight to the individual. It is through our intuition that we decide what wisdom, if any is being offered to us. The same experience for one person could be a profound message and to another person, just a wonderful spark of fascination. Your intuition knows which is which for you.

One thing that I know for sure about the world we live in: Information is the currency of our time. Knowledge has more power than any weapon man can create but divine magic are the clues the universe offers to turn that information and knowledge into profound wisdom. By recognizing our connection to this divine universal energy we are part of an infinite source that can guide us to a higher evolution of human life. One that is playful, awe inspiring and oh, so, wise. So when we experience synchronicities, weird coincidences or even wonderfully curious experiences that seemingly come out of nowhere, remember that the definition of the word magic is: the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Real magic exists. It is a universally divine essence that permeates all around us. It shows up in the small everyday experiences of life and adds an element of wonder like no human magician could ever conjure. It can appear in every aspect of our human existence; in love and hate, hope and fear and in life and death. But it is in our willingness to witness it with curiosity, and understand it with our intuition that allows it to really show us how it can work for us personally to experience a divinely connected, magically wonderful, human life.

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