The Sacred Wild Podcast Interview

Hey folks, I am so excited to share a recent conversation I had with my dear friend Krish Surroy on his podcast – The Sacred Wild.

Our chat is about my journey into Cronehood and why we, as older woman (an you men out there as well) should use our lifetime of acquired knowledge to create purpose so we can leave our unique gifts as a legacy for generations to come.

Go have a listen.

The return of the Wise Woman (with Diana Frajman) – The Sacred Wild Podcast

And thank you to Krish Surroy for inviting me to speak about the power of older women, or as I call us, the Crones. It always amazes me how we so under-estimate our knowledge, wisdom and confidence. As I always like to say, “The older, wiser woman is the most powerful brand females come in.”

Let’s celebrate that.

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Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

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