Create Like No One’s Watching

It started last month with a need to be creative. I’ve had a bunch of arts supplies languishing in my craft/laundry room for years now so I didn’t have to start from scratch. I went on YouTube for some inspiration and fell down a rabbit hole of the mixed media art, junk journals and paint techniques world and I haven’t been the same since.

Here is what it has done to and for me.

I began by clearing away the dust and debris that was piled high on my work space. That alone created excitement. Nothing like a tidy surface to get the creative juices flowing and the desire to begin something new. Then I took stock of my supplies and ventured out to the local art stores to top up my inventory but in truth, the dollar stores ended up being a great source of cheap papers, stamps, and ephemera to get me started.

I was feeling like a kid again who was loaded up with new school supplies. Excited to try out my new materials and so sure that they were all the right items that would enable me to create amazing art. I was practically giddy.

I pulled out a few classic CD’s; Elton John’s, Yellow Brick Road – Fleetwood Mac’s, Rumors – Heart’s, Dreamboat Annie. Dusted off my antiquated CD player, turned up the volume and began.

Now I’m not delusional. I knew that my art was not going to be very good to start. That was never the point, only the act of creating. I yearned for that totally freeing, in the zone, space where time stands still and flies both at the same time. When you unclip the leash of expectation on your imagination and let it out to play.

The flood gates opened on my whole world, and not just with my art. My dreams have become vivid once again and honestly, a little strange. My vision is more acute; the colours I now see are more dynamic. My energy has improved as well. I used to be curled up in my recliner with a good book by 8 o’clock but have found myself on more than a few evenings burning the late night candle with the need to see how the next stage of a project is going to reveal itself to me.

And that’s the biggest kick of creating for me, I am as much the creator as I am along for the ride of the creation. I am always surprised by the final results and maybe a little awed as well. Did I really just create that?

But here is the most important realization that I’ve received from the rebirth of my creativity, an even deeper joy in me than I had before I started to create – and I’m a pretty joyful crone! My soul is singing once again. Actually, so am I, singing that is, and while I still remember the words to my favourite classic albums and can belt out a tune with gusto, there won’t be any Karaoke competitions in my future.

That doesn’t matter though because I am creating for myself. No one is watching and even if they are, I couldn’t care less. I’ve missed this part of me. Why I stopped, I couldn’t say, but I’m glad I’ve got my creative groove back and plan to continue letting my imagine out to play as long as she wants to.

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10 thoughts on “Create Like No One’s Watching

    1. Thank you 🙏
      It came to me in the shower today. 😊
      Another great side affect of unleashing my creativity – great downloads of ideas while I get clean.

  1. I totally hear your song, Diana! During the pandemic, I finally started a business out of my creating and even then, I find myself so bogged down with the “other” parts of being a small business owner, that I sometimes go days without actually creating anything at all. It’s then I realise how much I crave it… need it for the wellbeing of my mind and soul. Here’s to creating like no-one’s watching! Sue x

    1. I’ve loved seeing your creations on IG Sue! You are a spooky inspiration.
      I have been creating since I was a wee girl but for some reason stopped a few years back. I have been striving to be more congruent ( my word of the year)in my life and especially my coaching this year. Walk the talk so to speak. I’ve been eating better, moving more, being with nature but I totally missed that creating was a missing part of the puzzle. Thank you for being part of the conversation and an inspiration as well. ❤️

  2. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the consumption – even the consumption that’s good for us, that we forget to create. I end up behind on reading the books I want to read because I’m like ahh I’d rather create something! Let’s keep putting things out into the world. Perhaps you’ll share your art with us too 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming by and being part of the conversation B.
      Right now I’m creating for myself but who knows, I may just share it with others soon as well.
      Not afraid of criticism but not ready to come out if my creative cocoon yet. 😁

  3. This inspires me to clear off the piles of accumulated things with no home that clutter my workspace in my mudroom turned craft space!

    1. Clutter is the killer of creativity. It is stuck energy because we are unable to make a decision in the moment and instead relegate that decision to a pile. That is why when we finally do something about the pile by finally making a decision (find it a home or get rid of it) we unstick the energy and creativity can flow once again. It has been my experience that when I do finally remove the clutter, ideas down load fast and furiously.
      Good luck with the declutter project and here’s to many hours of crafting for you. 🙂

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