It’s “And” Not “Or”

This Crone thought is brought to you thanks to Gary Vaderchuk (Gary Vee), a well known online celebrity and cutting edge tech investor.

I would have shared his video but there are way too many F-bombs. Now I’m not apposed to a well placed F-bomb. In fact used sparingly, an F-bomb when used, can accentuate a point with gusto. But when used in every sentence spewing from ones mouth, it degrades the actual message in my opinion, and seeing as this is my blog and I get to choose what information is put in it, the video is out. If you are curious about Gary Vee, feel free to check him out on YouTube or Instagram. Instead, you have me and my wise thoughts, inspired by his wise thoughts.

Let’s start first on the fact that we are now in the age of Aquarius. An age is the slow procession of the earth’s movement across the sky through each of the astrological houses and has been calculated as taking approximately 2160 years for the earth to move through each sign.

The actual date of the change over from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius is up for debate and in fact both ages overlap as the old one fades out and the new one gains strength. So let’s just say, in this moment, we are feeling the effects of both.

So what does that mean and why should we even care? Because, to put it simply, the age of Pisces is an age of competition and the age of Aquarius, is a age of co-operation.

Now think about the strife and chaos that is permeating our modern world right now; undeniable climate change, a worldwide pandemic, corruption and financial inequalities with propaganda and outright lies being delivered at the speed of the push of a keyboard button and send out online for the world to absorb, with folks everywhere demanding to be heard, to have rights and a place in this world. This is the dying energy of the age of Pisces as the old way is taking one last stand for an era that no longer serves humankind.

The coming age of Aquarius is a co-operate age. A more balance, equitable energy; one of trust and as the old song from the singing group, The Fifth Dimension sung, one of peace and understanding. It is here that we will talk about “and” and “or”.

Words have power. They can hurt, and they can heal. One only needs to have hateful words shouted at them, or a declaration of love confessed, to know this to be true. But these two little conjunctions, “and’ and “or”, are at the crux of the world’s changing energies.

“Or” is a Piscean word and in the old age it represented competition. I win “or” you win. It delineates one side or the other. It favours the individual. It separates; rich or poor, first world or developing world, Democratic or Republican, white or other. With the word “or” there will always be a winner and a loser.

“And” is an Aquarian word and in this new age, represents co-operation and possibilities. It is a word of plural and a word of addition; you and me, us and them, this and that. With the word “and” more can be included.

The chaotic energies we see in the world right now have been destructive because the old Piscean thinking is from the individual’s perspective of either trying to defend an old position “or” fighting to have years (centuries really) of repression acknowledged and rectified. Everyone has an opinion or a past hurt they want validated. Everyone wants to be recognized as the individual, unique person that they are.

This perspective is unstainable because you will either win “or” you will lose and in the big picture, it’s the earth that will eventually either win “or” will lose. I think we can all see which way the outcome of that “or” is going.

In that last sentence there is a clue to the solution for a calmer, healthier world for the future – an Aquarian world. That word is, we. “We” is an inclusion word, an “and” word. But how do we come together and also recognize the individual? That is where “and” comes in. We achieve it when we recognize the rights of you “and” the rights of me. As in, I see you and validate your opinion and rights “and” you see me and validate my opinions and rights. It’s not an either or, but an and.

When we, as the human collective, can recognize that someone else’s perspectives or lifestyle are not wrong, but just different, then the people of the earth will have taken a major step away from the final death throws of the Piscean age and have stepped more fully into the age of Aquarius, a move towards a more co-operative world. One that recognizes that each individual on this planet has a right to exist, to live in peace how they choose regardless of race, religion, geography, and economic levels “and” you as an individual do as well.

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