The Wake Up Shake Up

Somedays I feel like it’s a war zone out there. This feeling usually centres around some major story circulating around the proverbial water cooler. Today Covid, yesterday the withdrawal in Afghanistan, tomorrow perhaps a locally sensitive issue. It’s like going out onto the field of battle everyday and being shot at by other’s opinions and harsh words.

And that’s the thing, everybody has an opinion and in the world that we live in, it has never before been easier to express those opinions to the hordes.

But here’s another thing, one of the reasons the conversations have become so volatile is because earth is transitioning (ascending) into a multidimensional world.

Now this is nothing new and the actual timing of this “new world” is up for debate, but it is widely believed that we, the whole earth, are transitioning from a 3 dimensional world into a 5 dimensional world. In order to ascend into 5D though, we need to ascend through the 4th dimension first.

So what does each dimension represent?

In the 3rd dimension, the one where the majority of humans now reside, there is the concept of duality – right and wrong, good or bad, black and white. There is also the concept that I am separate from you, I am an individual with rights, obligations and as such, I have a need to defend my interests. It is the survival of the fittest. It is a dimension based on competition and material possession and so we fight to become the victor over the circumstances of our lives.

The fifth dimension, the concept is all about unity consciousness and co-operation. We understand that we are eternal souls having a human experience. That we are all one and connected energetically to everything, and because of that, when we ascend into the 5th dimension, we will become a more compassionate world full of love. We also become more intuitive, so we see a more purposeful picture of life on earth – a less judging energy.

Now there is the 4th dimension that life on this earth needs to transition through first before we arrive at our 5th dimension destination. This is where our current world chaos is coming from. In the 4th dimension there is still duality, or us and them. There is still judgement and the concepts of good and bad, but there is also the emerging of an awakening, a taste of a better way of being. This is why so many are embracing their spirituality. This is why we are seeking purpose for our lives, and this is why we are also seeing the chaos.

The old regimes are falling. Folks in droves are beginning to wake up and see that our current lifestyles are no longer sustainable. We have reached a consuming limit. We are beginning to question leadership. We are tired of feeling spirituality empty and so we are seeking other ways to fill us. Some of us in positive ways and sadly others, in very negative destructive ways.

The 4th dimension is a transitional state. We as a collective energy are currently only beginning to wake up but the evolutionary waves of higher energies are downloading faster than ever before. One would have to be blind, or so entrenched in the 3rd dimension to not see the evidence of this fact. And there in lies the biggest clue to our current wake up, shake up.

To evolve means that we all must change. We must learn to become aware of that change and consciously learn to embrace it. There will be those who can not, or will not change. These are the 3rd dimension old guard and eventually they will die off as time moves forward. Currently though, there are more of them than folks who are reaching for the next dimension and so we are seeing the strife of resistance out in the world.

To the awakened, you may ask, “Why are we not doing more to protect the land? Why are we not helping the homeless and the starving? Why are our leaders fiddling while not just Rome, but the whole world is burning?” It’s because we have not yet met critical mass of an awakened population to decisively demand that something be done.

But here’s the good news. The awakened energy is very powerful. It does not require a majority to tip the balance. Some spiritual scholars suggest that as little as 30% of the population is needed to affect enough positive change as to create the momentum needed to ascend to the next dimension.

Now that is still a daunting number but it doesn’t mean we need 30% of the whole worlds population evolved into the 5th dimension before the world changes into a new paradigm. It means that as small pockets of evolved reach critical mass, the rate of evolution speeds up for all. It’s a domino effect. Just look at some of the more progressive countries like Iceland and Sweden for example, who have developed much more balanced social systems for their populations and as a result have created a happier lifestyle and outlook for their people.

Right now the status quo is being shaken up like never before. There is much strife out in the world as we still wrestle with old regime thinking. I have rights we cry! But this is an old perspective of separation and a lower energy frequency rooted to the material realm of possession and power. One that is easy to manage with a, divide and conquer campaign from leadership.

As more awaken to the higher energy of co-operation and compassion, we become as one. A much stronger, united way of being. The petty problems of the past fade away and then, as an evolved world, we can get on with the issues that effect us all and truly live a happier, more balanced existence.

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