With A Little Help From My Friends – 7 Messages Of Inspiration for 2022

I had a brainwave on Dec.15th to ask some of the most amazing, beautifully wise woman that I know to contribute a piece of inspiration for my final blog post of the year. Knowing that the timeline was tight, what with the holiday season just days away, I over-rode my common sense and sent the invitation out anyway.

One of the finer aspects of social media is the ability to meet folks from anywhere in the world. Over the years the friends I have had the privilege of connecting with online have supported and encouraged me, and I hope, I have returned the kindness in some small way as well. So I was not at all surprised to have 6 wonderful woman respond on such short notice.

The thread that holds this group of woman together, other than knowing me, is that they all write. Four are actually published authors but all six have a particular set of skills, an honest writing style, and much life experience to offer up great wisdom.

I will offer this observation before you read on; my invitation to these ladies was to offer a piece of inspiration for 2022 but gave no further parameters as I wanted their unique voices to shine through. What I found fascinating is that each one of them offered up a completely different perspective of hope. I love the serendipity in this, and I hope you will too.

Mary Lunnen

What will you do with the gift of another year ahead? None of us know what is to come, as individuals or as part of the worldwide community. I have chosen to step gently into 2022. To enter in a spirit of grace, and of flow. Seeing life as a river. Seeing each day as it flows past as a moment to be cherished and treasured, never to be experienced again.
Allowing myself to withdraw at times. If you are an introvert or a sensitive person, you will know that this is essential. I now understand I need to gift myself exquisite self-care, in the same way I care for those around me.
When I do this, then, I can step out into the world again and allow my voice to be heard. Even as a ‘quiet one’, I know I have much to offer. A way of helping people to reconnect with their inner wisdom, their own inner guidance.
I choose to step forward with the intention of appreciating the beauty of the world around me – the people, the landscape, the animals, birds, plants. What will you do with the gift of another year ahead?

Mary Lunnen – Lives near the dramatic coast of North Cornwall, in the far south west of the UK, with her husband and two cats. Her passion is helping people find their way home to themselves and rediscover their inner wisdom.

Website: www.daretoblossom.co.uk

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/daretoblossom/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mary.lunnen

Ritu Bhathal

The world has ridden a rollercoaster, the last couple of years, and it is so easy to focus on the negatives that have come about: disruption, loss, shortages, racism… but from those times, we have also seen so much good. Kindness has been shown in ways that we might not have expected. I think, for my message of positivity for the new year, 2022, I want to promote kindness. There are always opportunities to show kindness, be it in physical form or emotionally, to someone who needs help. It’s not all about buying things, though donating to good causes will always be appreciated, but also, helping a neighbour out, being there for a friend, checking in on an elderly loved one; they are all forms of kindness. And, don’t forget yourself, too. If we aren’t kind to ourselves, we end up with less in the well to give to others. Give yourself that gift of kindness, too. Ensure you have some time to yourself every week, if not, every day, to do something that you love, so you feel refreshed and ready to help all those others who need it. Wishing you a kind, fulfilling 2022! 

Ritu Bhathal – Wife, mother, teacher, blogger and author, cruising through life with words as her special weapon. Her debut novel, Marriage Unarranged, was released as the world went into COVID-19 meltdown, in February 2020.

Websites: www.ritubhathal.com www.butismileanyway.com

Instagram: @ritubhathalwrites

Twitter: @Ritu Bhathal

Laurie Rae Razanoff

2022 – Relate and Intuit

Numerologically, 2’s bring the energy of relationships, those close one-on-one friends you chat your troubles through; partners (personal and business) who help us move toward a common goal, together. The ‘0’ means using, trusting and following your Intuitive gifts – of insight, inner knowing, gut instinct – as to Next Steps throughout the unfoldment of 2022. Notice there is a triple ‘2’ in play – therefore, ensure the people/relationships who show up in your life are aligned with your integrity, ethics and morals – be mindful, heartfelt, compassionate and loving.

Astrologically, 2022 begins 19 months of knowing and standing up for your set of values; worthiness; where and how you use money; and choosing the right combination of skills, talents and experiences to create new income streams. Self-esteem, self-confidence and a loving heart will guide you – always, in all ways. Be willing to let go of old fears and dreams; to honour Time/take your Time/it’s all in the Timing, and your senses – to physically create something, hands-on – and share it with the Collective. Connect Within, to your Higher Self, guides and angels, daily, and listen to their guidance. Happy New Year!

Laurie Rae Razanoff – 22 years ago, Astrology seamlessly entered my life during my own mid-life awareness timing, showing up as my truer life purpose beyond technical admin, perfecting office processes. These 20 plus years since, I’ve created several Astrology readings beyond the initial Birth chart, given workshops/lectures and created several levels of classes, now offered online.

Website: www.laurieraeshouseofastrology.com

Facebook: @LaurieRaes

Instagram: @myhouseofastrology

Twitter: @AstrologyHouse

Janine Fulla

We made it through 2021 and here we are, looking ahead to 2022. Each passing year sees changes in our world, and at the same time we also grow and change. So don’t dwell on the past, we only need to learn from it.
As the old year retires, and the new year is born, the thought of a fresh start is irresistible. No matter what you are facing, there are people out there to support you. Find them.
A new year is a time to get your priorities clear and to make a significant decision to do what makes you happy. Set your personal goals to align with your personal values.
Take time to appreciate others, especially the ones that have encouraged you through tough times, and don’t listen to people that tell you, you can’t. Remember the way you see your life, shapes your life.
Keep a journal. On one page write down what you are grateful for in the morning. In the evening, write down the challenges you faced. Over time, this will give you insight and direction on what you can change to make your life the best it can be.
You are more powerful than you believe. Ensure everyone sees your brilliant light in 2022!

Janine Fulla – A Certified Life Coach and a Certified Disaster (Trauma) Recovery Coach, author of Parent To Parent. Having personally walked a path through divorce, recovered from narcissistic abuse and embraced adoption, these are the areas of focus Janine helps her clients with, to empower and enable them to live their best life.

Website: janinefulla.com

Facebook: @janinefullalifecoach

Instagram: @janinefullalifecoach

Traci York

While 2020 was an exceptionally difficult year for everyone, 2021 came
with its own set of challenges. And yes, a small thing in the grander
scheme, but even I took a break from the weekly Tarot readings that I’ve done
for my blog since 2015. Now in looking forward to 2022, it seemed like a
good time to check in with my deck to see what might be ahead for us.

I promised myself no matter what card I drew (other than the 10 of
Swords because I just can’t with that card…lol) I would use the
message and not draw until I got one I liked. The result didn’t

The card =  The Sun

My message = Bask in the rays! It’s that glorious moment when Dorothy
opens the door and steps into Oz for the first time. The sun is shining,
the birds are chirping, and you can see the path before you (not to
mention, the wicked witch hasn’t shown up yet with her downer, shoe
stealing vibes). Enjoy this moment to the fullest, and maybe even to
spread the rays of sunshine to the people around you with a random act
of kindness or two. It’s the time to say, “goodbye to my weakness/ so
long to the regret/ and now I see the world through diamond eyes!”

Traci York is a: Wordsmith. Witch. G33k. Shutterbug. WordPress & Hive Crypto Blogger. Essential Tremor Mover & Shaker.

Websites: www.traciyork.com https://peakd.com/@traciyork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Traci.York.Writer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TraciYorkWriter

Terri Connellan

An important lesson of 2021 I encourage you to take into 2022 is: life is better in partnership and community. 

I’m an independent introvert, Virgo, Ox, INTJ. So much happens inside my head and I like to work hard, so it’s easy to slip into thinking I’ll do it all by myself. Whatever our personality preferences, this is a way of thinking we can fall into.

I encourage you in 2022 to see where collaborating might complement your skills and help you learn. Contemplate where reaching out to someone who has the experience you need might help you complete what you desire to create. Consider how accountability to others might encourage you to get up, exercise, be more intentional and show up to the page. Identify where being part of a group will take you places you wouldn’t go by yourself, like swimming in deeper water or writing that book draft rolling around your heart. Reflect on where your idea of partnership could open to invite people in to see where it goes.

Writing and co-creating with others is supportive and sparks new connections. Simple as it is, give yourself permission to embrace this opportunity for heart/mind expansion.

Terri Connellan is an author, creative transition coach, podcaster and accredited psychological type practitioner who specialises in creativity, personality and self-leadership especially for midlife women in transition to a life with deeper purpose. Terri works globally through her creative business, Quiet Writing, and her books, Wholehearted and the Companion Workbook, were published in 2021 by the kind press

Website: QuietWriting.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/writingquietly/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/writingquietly

Twitter: https://twitter.com/writingquietly

Diana Frajman – Your Resident Crone

These ladies are hard acts to follow but I will attempt to offer you a piece of inspiration that brings all of their words into something tangible for the new year.

My wish for you is to create in 2022. To go beyond your thoughts and emotions and use your hands to conceive something through you, and out into the world. Something that can be touched or experienced. Something that nourishes the minds, souls or bodies of others. Something that is a unique manifestation of your own soul.

Laurie Rae Razanoff also suggests that creating with your hands is a potential for all of us in 2022. I would propose that in fact, the world is in need of some nurturing, life affirming creativity. After the last two years that saw our life’s restricted, even contract, the collective souls of earth desire to expand once again.

Terri Connellan encourages us to, “Contemplate where reaching out to someone who has the experience you need might help you complete what you desire to create.” This final post for 2021 is a perfect example of how a simple invitation to these wonderful women to contribute to my vision, and create a message of inspiration for 2022, is so much richer for the collaboration than had I just written my hopes and thoughts alone.

I would like to thank you, my readers, for supporting me over the years. For contributing to the conversations with your thoughtful comments and for being part of Crone Confidence’s community. 2021 has far exceeded my expectations for this blog and website and it’s because of you, and friends like my guest contributors that has enabled it all to happen. So please give these wonderful ladies some love and visit their websites, or say hello to them on social media. Because we are all richer when we share in the appreciation.

Happy New Year.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

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