Messages From Dead Friends

positive ethnic female coworkers at table in cafe
positive ethnic female coworkers at table in cafe
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I’ve had enough weird, woowoo stuff happen in my life that I rarely flinch when I experience another such occasion. I’ve just learned to gleam what I can from the situation to the best of my ability and perception and take in whatever message or lesson I can at the time.

One thing that I know for sure is we, as humans, are constantly growing and evolving. What I understand today might be child’s play to what I understand a decade from now. So if there is a message for me from the unknown in any given experience I encounter, I take it in from where I am right now in life and don’t stress if there is a deeper philosophical or spiritual meaning that I can not understand at this time.

That’s actually a good piece of advice for life in general. It goes along with the saying, “Bloom where you are planted.” Do the best that you can within the situation you’re in and shine from that position.

But that’s not what I’m writing about today, although a little wisdom is never going to hurt. What I’m going to share is a “dream” I had last night.

You may have noticed that I put the word dream in quotation marks. That’s because when I have experiences such as this, I wonder if I was really dreaming or was something else happening. Let me explain further.

Early this morning, an old friend visited me in my dream. That in itself is nothing special, except that I have not thought of this friend in a very long time as she died well over 20 years ago.

You know the saying, people come into your life for a reason, a season or a day? Well this friend came into my life for a season. Lisa and I hung out together during a time when we were both young mothers with little boys. She was going through a divorce and needed a safe friend to go out with socially on occasion. We hung out for 6 months or so while she was adjusting to being a single parent. In truth, I was there for her more than she was for me, and that’s okay, I was honoured to be a port in a storm, and maybe a happy diversions for her.

Now before I go into last nights dream visit, let me just say that this is not the first dead person to visit me in a dream. Years ago, I had a visit from a young co-worker who tragically died in a small plane crash in which her mother was the only one to survive.

Leanne had been the part-time, weekend girl at a shoe store where I was employed and in truth, I rarely worked with her, so it was rather strange that she would, several years after her death, come to me in a dream.

At the time I was going through a lot of stress and worry with family and work and was having troubles coping with it all. I remember saying to her in the dream, “Why are you here, you’re dead.” She only smiled and said she was just here to let me know that everything would be alright.

And in fact, within weeks everything settled down in my life and became alright.

As I said before, I no longer flinch when unusual experiences occur, even in my dreams. Lisa came into my dream from a side door and beckoned me to her with a finger curl like she had something to tell me or show me. I walked over to her and then found myself sitting at a table in a café as if we were about to have a nice visit like two girlfriends out for lunch. She said to me, “I can not talk to you unless you promise to start eating like this.” and then there before us was a banquet of vegan food. “Try it.” she said, and I did.

It was all very tasty but I knew that I was not going to be able to make that promise, I like meat. So I said to her that while I wouldn’t go vegan, I could promise to eat more fruit and veggies and raw food. She smiled contented, then faded away.

It was only after I woke up and remembered that Lisa has long been dead and that this dream was perhaps something more, that I came to understand that perhaps I should pay more attention to what I promised her.

Dreams fascinate me. For the most part, they are just an outlet for our subconscious mind to internalize the events happening in our life. A chance for our brain to organize and file thoughts, memories and experiences in an attempt to make sense of it all. Dreams are a chance for the mind to play and create with out the ego and it’s ridged programs, patterns and beliefs interfering and filtering everything. Haven’t we all experienced the solution to a problem we’ve been wrestling with, miraculously download in our sleep?

But are we really capable of dream travel? Can we access different plains of existence while we sleep? Can the dead really visit us in our dreams?

I’m not delusional, my Virgo mind tends to want to find a logical solution for having this dream. Maybe my conscious was feeling guilty and wants me to eat better. That would be a practical and probably true answer. But it’s the fact that a long dead friend delivered this message that’s got me paying attention. I don’t have those kinds of dreams, or visitors in my dreams, very often after all. That got my attention.

Whatever the outcome to this dream is, whether I obtain deeper insight to it as time goes on and as I grow and evolve, one thing I do know is, when I go and shop for our weekly groceries later today, you can be sure there will be lots and lots of fruit and veggies and healthy food in the cart.

Thanks Lisa, and by the way, it was good to see you again.

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2 thoughts on “Messages From Dead Friends

  1. I’ve been having nightmares – unusual for me. There weren’t any dead people involved, but I still wonder what the message is.

    1. Well that depends on what the nightmares are about. Some nightmares are our subconscious’s way to release anxiety energy. Some are from deep suppressed memories that are trying to surface. And some may be trying to warn you about something.
      The universe and it’s helpers, or God if you prefer and angels or spirit guides, are constantly communicating to us and sometimes they use our dreams as the venue.
      So firstly, try to determine if there is a recurring theme in these nightmares, like being chased, or if they are random.
      I will say that there is no shortage of real life situations going on right now to manifest into anxiety nightmares. I myself was having apocalyptic type dreams just after Russia invaded Ukraine.
      One last suggestion:
      Right before you fall to sleep, ask that you get the reason for your nightmares by the time you wake up in the morning. Theta state, which is that liminal state before deep sleep and wake is the best time for lucid dreaming ( dreams you can direct the outcome of or get solutions to problems) is the perfect time to solve your nightmare issue.
      I hope that helps. Best of luck.

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