The Mission of Being – a Guide for Dabblers

If you are a dabbler – a person who gains more enjoyment from learning many things and having many experiences than dedicating yourself to just one thing, then this blog post is for you.

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I am here to inform you that the society we grew up in, that being the tail end of the industrial age, has fed us lies and has tried it’s best to program us in a way that is counter to our innate way of being.

It started with enrolling you, at the tender age of five, into twelve plus years of institutional education. Education originally designed to mold children into a steady supply of adults, who would go on to join the ranks of institutional worker bees for factories and corporate office towers.

It programed you to believe that you needed a regular paycheck so you could afford to buy the wonderous products that were now being produced in those factories. Which in reality, created personal debt that further led you to a reliance on that regular paycheck. And after 40 plus years of drudgery, and if you didn’t spend all that earned money, but saved wisely, you would get to enjoy a few good years of retirement. Assuming you weren’t too tired, or too worn out by then.

This reality is hard enough if you’re the type of personality who figured out your life’s mission early on and had, as well, the passion to pursued it as a life long career. But if you were like me, who could never put a finger on who it was that I was suppose to be when I grew up, societies programming only added a level of guilt to the distinct feeling that you were not a part of the crowd.

Thankfully, I know differently now.

A mission is not a destination but a way of being.

Here’s something for you to ponder. What if your whole purpose in life is to just experience life? What if, when your soul decided to become you, you decided that you wanted to experience as much as you could of the wonders of the planet earth. Wouldn’t that explain a lot for you?

When I first heard the quote, “It’s the journey and not the destination that matters most.” I thought it meant that it’s more important what you learn and experience along the way to the the destination or goal, than the goal itself. While there is truth in that, especially if you have a defined goal in mind, but what if you’ve no idea where you wish to end up?

What if your way of being is more important than where you are headed? What if your attitude, and the energy that you project out into the world, leaves a greater mark on society than any 9-5 job you could ever hold, wouldn’t that take a little pressure off the internal dialogue that rotates in your head and that was programmed in you by a antiquated doctrine?

Let’s talk money for a moment, because I can hear the gears turning in your head. “That’s a real nice fantasy you have there Diana, but I have to pay the bills and live in the real world.” Yes it’s true that you have to have food and shelter, even clothes on your back, but who made up these real world rules? What unseen force demands that you drive a fancy car , or live in a spacious home, or even eat ultra processed foods?

I can guarantee that nobody reaches the end of their life and says, “You know, I wish I had worked more.” What we think we need, to consider our life a success, is far less than what modern society has brainwashed us to believe we need. You have been put on a treadmill cycle of work, buy, work even more to pay for what you bought only to have another carrot dangled in front of you to keep the rotations going. We all have.

Now let’s put fear into the equation. I know the second thought turning in your head is this. “I have to work.. How can I possibly follow my dreams now that I have responsibilities?

If you are a dabbler of life, this is a real dichotomy of beliefs, because this is a continuous war between you mind and your soul; what your head has been trained to believe by modern society versus what you want to do, and dream about in your heart.

It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is that you do.

Some folks walk a narrow path. One that is deeply grooved from repetitive steps of focus and dedicated action. The world needs these souls as they are the glue that holds the edged of society together. Some lead a thankless life but thrive on the surety of schedule and consistency of repetition. Some lead a highly focused life of competence and leadership. I am not either of them, and if you are a dabbler, you’re probably not too.

We walk a wide path. One with many lanes, all going in the same direction but with many different views. Dabblers tread lightly on as many as they can, just enough to feel, see and know the route, but rarely long enough to commit to that singular track. Society has led us to believe that we must choose one, but we never will.

Your life is not meant to focus on one thing but on as many things as strikes your curiosity. You are a master generalist. That is your focus, that is your innate way of being. Do not let the fear of non-conformity stop you from experiencing your life to the fullest.

When you understand that as a dabbler, it’s in the experiences that you will find your fortune and not from material things, only then can you formulate a path that brings you a rich life.

Society is beginning to learn that all humans don’t fit into one box. We are learning to embrace fluidity. Dabblers are just another expression of the human form. It’s were inventors and adventurers and artists and the free thinkers, even the eccentrics come from. It’s were new perspectives and societal changes are born because these folks don’t know how to live in any box.

We need dabblers as much as we need conventionalists. Conventionalists hold the tradition’s and histories in place for societal context and human connection. Dabblers dream and experiment so that the world can grow and evolve. Right now we could use a bit more dreaming.

So if you are a dabbler, you need to know this. You incarnated into this lifetime to transcend above the old ways, because society is changing and moving away from the age of industry. Your mission is to be you and do you, whatever that is in this moment, and how ever narrow or wide that path is, it’s exactly where you need to be.

There is a reason why your soul cries out against the conventions that society has programmed into us from such a young age, it’s because your mission on earth, at this exact time and place is to experience, to touch and taste and see and learn and sample whatever else is beyond the walls of modern societies rules. The wisdom that you acquire in this dabbling lifetime will help form a bridge to a better future for all. Maybe even another incarnated version of you.

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