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Your Life – It Is Written In The Stars




Imagine if all human beings came with an operating manual. A guide book listing the features and benefits for each individual. Kind of like an personal operating system similar to Windows or Mac’s OS. A frame work that ran in the background, uniquely designed for each person including regular updates for their personal program. Wouldn’t that make life just a little bit easier?

Ever wonder why you have the personality quirks that you do? Why you are passionate about some subjects and run from others? Maybe you have an innate talent for music or language but no matter how hard you try, you can not balance your cheque book?

If you are curious about what makes you tick on a deeper level, the information exists. It was set in place the moment you were born and you can access it by having your personal astrological chart done.

Recently, as a birthday gift to myself, I did just that. I had my birth chart done as well as my solar return chart.

A birth chart is a snap shot of the heavens at that exact moment you where born. For this you will need to supply an astrologer with your birthdate, exact time of birth and place of birth. This chart will help you understand what your purpose is for this life, what challenges you are tasked with overcoming and what natural skills you were gifted with to aid you in your journey. Your personal operating system if you will.

A solar return chart is a look at the astrological aspects that will effect you during the upcoming year, from your current birthday to the next. Kind of like an annual program update for your operating system that you can use to guide your decisions for the year ahead.

To get the most insights into your life and the current situations that you are facing now, I suggest to have both charts generated. When you understand who you are, you are better equipped to know where you are going. It’s like knowing what tools are in the toolbox before you start a project.


My dear friend Laurie Rae Razanoff of Rainbows and Astrology created my charts and fully explained the results via Skype and then mailed a full report to me for reference: https://rainbowsandastrology.com/

Know Thyself

What did I learn about myself? Come on now, I’m shy. But I will say that the report explains the various heavenly bodies and the cosmic energies, both positive or negative that exert influence over me and my life. My birth chart shows where each planet of influence was at the time of my birth and how their energies have helped form my personality; why I am the way that I am, what I need to learn this time around and what I need to let go of.

When I factor in the heavenly forces at play for my upcoming year in my solar return chart, this astrology reading helped me gain clarity for the big questions currently in my life like: What am I meant to achieve this year? What do I need to learn? Why am I letting fear dictate my decisions? How do I, knowing what I know now, work around this fear?

Truthfully, I’m a pretty insightful person and have spent many years learning to understand myself. This astrological reading only confirmed on a deeper level what I already knew, but I could have saved myself a lot of inner work had I had my birth chart done years ago. Oddly though, what I did learn is that I am more intuitively powerful than I realised and that is a real confidence boost.

When you understand the we are not placed on this planet and left to fend for ourselves but rather we are all part of one universal energy and that everything is connected, then it isn’t a stretch to consider that the universe gave you, at the very start of your life a operating manual of sorts and the means to access it via the sun, the moon and the planets that surround our earthly home.

So press the “help” button on your operating system by getting yourself a personal astrological reading. Then you can uncover the cast of planetary characters, the antagonists, the mentors, the lovers and the healers that lined up in the sky at the time of your birth to set the scene for the story that is your life. Because, it really was written in the stars.


On my chart, Chiron, the wounded healer wants me to ask for help from others this lifetime. So help a friend and share this post.



























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