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Crow Magic


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the universe is always speaking to us in the form of signs, symbols and synchronicities. The message may appear as regularly seeing repeating sets of numbers such as 11:11 or 555. It may be you find a specific colour of feather in an unusual place. Or as simple as a conversation over heard in a line up that gives you valuable information. What ever the method, we need only pay attention to reap the wisdom.

Sometimes the message is easier to see than at other times. Yesterday was one of those times.

When a recurring incident or theme repeats itself several times in a short period, it is wise to take notice. Even if you don’t understand the message, at least take note that one is being presented. Perhaps in time, and with a little insight or research, the answer will come.

It started yesterday morning, while enjoying my morning coffee on the sundeck. A crow flew directly in front of me between my deck railing and the cedar trees not eight feet away. With out a doubt, he wanted me to notice him.

His flight path was unusual because the space between my deck’s roof and the cedar trees is a narrow pathway. Never have I seen a bird larger than a chickadee fly in this space.

An hour later, on my way to work, 3 more crows flew right in front of my car as I stopped at an intersection. I have an affinity for bird messages. It was an unusual visit from an owl many years ago that started my spiritual journey in the first place and it is the reason why I have an owl as my business logo today. So I made a mental acknowledgement of my awareness of the crows and drove on.

Several hours into my work day, a rather handsome, first nation man came into the shop. Around is neck was an amazing carved raven head pendant. It caught my eye from across the room. He said it was a special gift when I commented on it.

An hour after that, a woman in a tank top strolled into the little vintage shop. As she walked past me I could not help but notice the full sized tattoo of a crow on her right shoulder. That finally got my attention.

So now that you have my attention crow spirit, what is it that you are trying to tell me?

Crows are messengers between the spirit realm and our world, that much I knew. But what else?

Let’s start with the facts. Crows are intelligent. They have the same brain size ratio as a chimpanzee. They can learn and solve problems. Crows have been know to use simple tools to manipulate objects to their advantage and they have excellent memories so they can quickly repeat the same solution to a similar challenge. Ravens, which are part of the crow family have even been taught to speak.

Is the message from crow spirit to use my intellect more?

But crows also have a mythical history. Crows were thought to guide the newly departed souls into the spirit realm and as such, they became associated with death. In some cultures, even a crow sighting was seen as a bad omen. In fact, later that night while watching an episode of Outlander, a historical show set in Scotland on Netflix, a crow was shot and killed because they feared it showed up to steal the life of a baby about to be born.

Could crow spirit be warning me of a death?

Crows as a harbinger of death is not in my belief system. I do though, feel that crows represent change, and in change comes the death of old beliefs or outdated ways of thinking.

But I sensed more than just change from all this crow interaction. I felt, on an intuitive level, that there was something much more mystical in the message crow spirit was trying to relay. What I felt was magic.

Perhaps you might call what I felt, anticipation, even excitement. Those would be words of the sceptical mind. I sensed an energy, far greater than myself pulsating around me. An unknowing, but ripe with possibilities.

And isn’t that where dreams are manifested, in the infinite realm of possibilities? I’d call that magic.

Crows have been known to be symbols of luck as well. Who couldn’t use a bit of that. Is their message to me one of a lucky break in my future? Or is crow spirit telling me to make my own luck and the future will unfold better than I could ever dream.

Crow magic is powerful. The corvid family exists all over the world. Their energy has permeated the histories and legends of many cultures. Their curious, animated actions exhibit a trickster potency. Ignore the crows message at your own folly.

The crows have graced me with the gift of their magic. This I am certain. But what that magic is and when it will manifest is still a mystery. All I know is to keep my eyes and senses open for the change that’s about to come and to be aware of the infinite possibilities that the universe offers. Then allow what manifests into my life.

That is the message I feel was being sent. That is the mystical magic of the crow. And while I may never fully understand it’s intent, I will acknowledge, that the message has been received.


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