Is it Autumn Yet?

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Several people that I have talked to in the last week have expressed a desire to get summer over with and get on with Autumn. I guess, being that it is coming to the end of August, it is a natural inclination to feel a need to get back on schedule, get back to school, and get back to work.

In my neck of the woods, summer has been fantastic. Not too hot and very few rainy days but a couple of days ago I sensed the coming of Autumn.

It is nothing obvious like falling leaves or cold rainy mornings that force the sweaters out of the closet. It was something much more subtle. I sensed it in the breeze. I was sitting outside on my sundeck enjoying the afternoon with a good book, the  sun beating down and a light wind rose up off the ocean. It was cool. It was crisp. It was not the warm summer air of the last 2 months. I also observed that the bright blue sky of summer has begun to fade. There is a haze filtering the sky even on the clearest of days.

I live on Vancouver Island about 20 km north of the 49th parallel. We definitely  get the four seasons here but I have always thought the for us, the seasons start changing a month earlier than the official dates of the equinox’s and solstice’s.

The seasonal change over from summer to autumn has begun.

Now for me this is a good thing. I was born this time of the year an have always found my personal energy serge around the end of August and into September. For me this is my personal new year. As a child, going back to school was exciting. Even now I like to start new projects in the fall. I make all kinds of resolutions for the coming season and I love to get out and be a tourist on the island and enjoy the last weeks of good weather. The children are back in school and the visitors are gone. It is the best time of the year to go explore.

And so I look forward to the autumn harvest from garden. Crisp Granny Smith apples, firm purple plums, and one happy little pumpkin that is  growing oranger by the day.

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4 thoughts on “Is it Autumn Yet?

  1. Funny, I had a similar experience out on my back patio. I also noticed autumn on the breeze.

    1. Thanks for reading. Even thought I know it is from a lack of moisture I can’t believe how many trees are starting to turn already! I Love Autumn!

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