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I use to think that personal mantras were a load of hooey. All the trendy people it seemed had one that was given to them by some Hindu or Buddhist spiritual leader. Mantras have been spouted about by the superficial and ego based crowd like an accessory added to ones persona to give the appearance of a dedicated and deeply spiritual person. I was neither convinced of their sincerity or of their devotion.

But I have evolved. Now that I have a profound understanding of what a mantra is, my thinking has turned completely around. A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs. I now think everyone should have their own personal mantra.

Last winter, during my solitary season when my family was away, I embraced meditation. My goal was to learn to center myself better. I dedicated myself to meditate every morning and I found that by doing so, I went through the rest of the day with an open heart and a balanced frame of mind. Little irritants flowed off me like water on a ducks back and I was happy and at peace.

One of my favourite ways to meditate is by using a chakra balancing guided meditation called “Crystal Voices”. It is a recording using highly harmonized “singing” crystal bowls that when struck with their mallet and rubbed in a circular motion like one would the lip of a water glass, creates a haunting sound vibration that resonates with a corresponding chakra. The purpose is to help free up each chakra so they can spin properly thereby helping the energy in your body flow properly for optimum vitality.

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Click here to learn about Crystal Singing Bowls http://www.crystalsingingbowls.com/

Once I have completed the “Crystal Voices” meditation I usually continue in silence waiting for answers to questions I may have posed at the start of my meditation or for any messages from the universe that may enter my thoughts.

It was one of those messages that changed my mind about mantras.

This was the message that came to me like a voice in my head:

                                                              I am strong

                                                              I am capable

                                                              I am powerful

                                                              I am love

It was, as Oprah would say a “Aha, light bulb, bing bing” moment. I instantly knew that this was my mantra. My personal power phrase. Words that I could repeat in my head or out loud to center myself. My eyes flew open and I grabbed my meditation journal to quickly write it down before I forgot it.

I was so excited that I got out my pencil crayons and a white sheet of paper and printed out this message so I could tape it to my mirror where I would see it every morning when I woke up. When I finished, I added a fifth line that stated ” This is my Truth”, like an affirmation of the above declaration. What I didn’t realize until I had completed my poster was that the colours that I had used to print out my new mantra corresponded with the colours of the first four chakras and the colour I chose for my truth affirmation corresponded to the colour of the fifth chakra. Once I realized this, I was even more convinced that this was truly a gift from the universe.


What is most amazing to me is how repeating my personal mantra centers me and actually gives me spiritual strength. Recently, I chanted it as I was on my way to a job interview. I was a tad nervous, hoping to make a good impression, and wanted to come off as calm, friendly and confident. I repeated my mantra on the way to the meeting and was totally relaxed by the time I arrived.

What does these four lines mean to me?

I am strong means to me that I am not easy to break or damage. I am grounded and able to defend my personal code of honor.

I am capable means to me that I have all the qualities and abilities that I need to achieve anything I set my mind to.

I am powerful means to me that I have the ability to influence the outcome of my desires.

I am love means to me that I am connected to the great benevolent spirit that is the universe or god. That I am part of something greater than me.

Why did I add the fifth line, This is my Truth to my poster? Because when you get clear about who you are, what you believe and what is your code of honor (how you want to operate in this life), then you will be confident to be comfortable in your own skin and speak your truth. These four lines that make up my personal mantra create that clarity for me.

Everyone’s path is different. How you obtain your own clarity in life is sure to be unique. Having a personal mantra, whether it is a quote that gets you through tough times or a one syllable sound that creates calm within you, it is a spiritual tool that will serve you well. It is a safe mode, a home base for your soul. Repeating it gives your conscious mind a chance to have a little rest, shut out the worry and constant mind chatter so your body can re-center it’s energy for better internal support.

I no longer think mantras are a load of hooey. I am now convinced that mantras can be an important instrument for your spiritual growth.

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