2014, The Year of Allowing

This January, instead of setting New Year resolutions that I am sure to give up on within weeks if not days, I am only going to commit to the art of allowing.


I have had a feeling for the past several days that a new adventure is about to begin in my life. I could not wait to get through Christmas and although I thoroughly enjoyed being with friends and family, I did not feel the usually anticipation for the holiday that I have in the past. What I did feel was a sense of having to get past one more hurdle in order to get to the finish line that is New Year’s eve. Perhaps it is the realization that for me, 2013 is finished, I have completed what I needed to for the year and I just need to be patient, bide my time and get ready for 2014.

I have no firm plans for my life in 2014 just inklings of projects and dreams off in the horizon. Of course there are material needs and wants that I would like to see become reality this year and with a little focused energy I will acquire them. What I am talking about is life path dreams. Actions taken that move one forward on a destined path. That is why I am going to commit to the practice of allowing.

Let me first explain what I mean by this. The art of allowing is not only being open to opportunities that come into my life, it’s having faith that the universe is constantly conspiring in my favour and presenting me with gifts of inspiration, synchronicities, omens, even smacks to the head (figuratively I hope) with the best of intention that I only need take notice of to move me forward in my life. All that is required of me is to be on the constant lookout for these messages and then take the appropriate actions when I do.

The art of allowing is a gut level activity. It requires being in tune with my feelings. When an opportunity presents itself, I need to be aware of what emotions are at play in order to take advantage of the message.

It is said that there are only two emotions, love and fear. All other emotions can be drilled down to these two. Positive emotions are based in love and negative emotions are based in fear. So it is important to be aware what my gut instincts tell me before I allow.

An automatic reaction to a fear based emotion for me would be to close myself off to what is being offered. That is not necessarily the right response. My instincts may only be warning me to think it through and go forward cautiously.

A love based emotion such as excitement or hope may also cloud my gut instincts giving me a false interpretation. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. So it is important to understand what my inner knowing, my subconscious, or gut has to say before I leap.

Consider the traditional New Year resolution to loose weight and get into shape. Chances are that within weeks this resolution will be broken. You may have felt that the goal was daunting to begin with so it wasn’t that hard to give up. Guilt and mental self abuse will take over, (fear based emotions) and self love will diminish all because you closed yourself to the art of allowing by believing in your fears that the goal of loosing weight and getting into shape was too hard to achieve.

If it seems you are stuck where you are no matter what you do, then you are most certainly trying too hard. Stop trying and start allowing.

Ralph Marston

Now instead open yourself to the art of allowing. Visualize yourself healthy and vibrant. Imagine what your lifestyle looks like as that healthy and vibrant you. Believe (a love based emotion) that you are capable of living that healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Now become aware of and allow opportunities and synchronicities that present themselves to you to support that healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Before you know it you are well on your way to that healthy and vibrant lifestyle because you allowed it to be true. You are not focusing on the task of loosing weight and getting into shape rather you are choosing to embrace how it feels to be healthy and vibrant and allow the actions associated with that lifestyle into your life.

The art of allowing is a major component of the laws of attraction. What you focus on, you become, like attracts like.


That is just one example of how shifting to a more open perspective in life and having faith that the universe really does want to support you in happiness and with ease if only you choose to allow it. Imagine the possibilities for other aspects of your life.

As I mentioned above, other that some material goals, I have not made any life path plans for this year but I do have a strong sense of adventure which I intuit is what I need to move towards my personal destiny, what ever it is. Embracing the art of allowing when it comes to adventure, following my muse, being curious and aware of signs that point to new experiences and not letting fear stand in my way is the resolution I seek for 2014.

I’ll let you know how it all works out.

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