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I believe that the universe is always communicating to us through nature, our dreams, synchronistic occurrences, even life altering events. Not only do you have to be aware of these messages but you also need to learn how to interpret them in order to get the full benefit of the information being offered.

Sometimes the message is blatantly obvious, a chance meeting of a person that has the power to further your dreams, being fired from your dead end job that you were afraid to leave giving you time to pursue your dream job resulting in a much happier life, or a dream of a friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time and then running into them soon after. We have all had similar experiences where we felt that destiny played a hand in our lives. These incidents happen and we may call them luck, karma, serendipity, even kismet but we can’t help but take notice that something out side of ourselves intervened on our behalf.

The universe communicates in more subtle ways as well in the form of signs and symbols. Most people have had dreams that were strange, maybe a little startling, or maybe ones that repeat on a regular basis and don’t make sense. Dream dictionaries have 1000’s of dream interpretations to try and make sense of the dream realm. Perhaps an unusual number like 911 or 555 keeps popping up in your life, or a bird does something out of the ordinary to get your attention. What if a certain image like a specific flower or an eye or even a sword continually appears in normal settings like on art or books or other peoples clothes or even in the clouds above? You may notice the repetition but what does it mean? Is there a message there for you? How do find the answer?

Can you see what nature wants you to see? Look with your eye!
Can you see what nature wants you to see? Look with your eye!

Psychic’s develop a mental personal reference library for images of signs and symbols that pop in their minds eye when they do readings. Spirit tries to communicate using pictures that will hopefully resonate to the psychic based on cultural upbringing, personal experiences and inner knowing. A symbol can mean different things to different people. I might see an image of a cross and think of religion, you might see a cross and think of being at a cross roads or as an X, as in X marks the spot. So in order to read a sign as a message from the universe, it helps to be aware of what your intuition or gut feels about what you thinks the meaning is.

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Several years ago I went to a lecture about dream interpretation from the Jungian Psychoanalysis, John Betts, he says dream and symbol dictionaries aren’t worth the paper they are printed on because using a standard definition does not take into account ones personal perspectives. John says, “The dreamer owns the dream”. Unless the dreamer feels the dream or message is accurate to them, the interpretation is wrong.

I would agree with this statement with one exception. The meaning does have to feel accurate but unless you have a psychoanalysis at your disposal, sometimes some traditional form of reference helps to at least point you in the right direction in order to decipher the meaning intended. I search out definitions to signs and symbols that come in my dreams and occur in my waking life all the time using both the internet and reference books. The most important point is that I use my intuition to test the validity of a written meaning for my own personal use. If it resonates in me and feels accurate to my inner knowing, I go with it.

Case in point, last week I had a dream that my washing machine blew up in my face. Don’t worry, in the dream I was not seriously hurt but the dream startled me out of my sleep and the instant I awoke I was compelled to look at the clock to see what time it was. The clock read 5:55 am. I immediately thought that that was a weird time to the point of momentarily forgetting about the startling dream. Having never encountered the number 555 before as a symbol, I googled the meaning. The search results, and there were many,  was that 555 means that a change is coming. It didn’t meaning either a good change or a bad change, just a change, but one search result talked about 555 being the number of Jesus Christ. As the number 666 represents the devil, 555 represents Jesus.

So I had the image of something blowing up in my face from my dream and the number 555 from my clock representing a change, possibly a spiritual change.

Now to add some context to this message, I have a set of oracle cards, The Wisdom of Avalon, that I use exclusively for myself in order to keep the energy pure of any outside influences. For the last few weeks two cards keep coming up in my personal readings, the Goblin and the marker card Letting Go . The Goblin’s message is to be aware of your ego and how it is effecting your life and the card Letting Go’s message is to let go of the past and embrace the art of allowing (read my last post, “2014, The Year of Allowing”).


When I put all these messages together I know that the universe has sent the message to be aware of a change in my life coming, to be humble when it happens, don’t fight it and allow it into my life. I also sense that this change is of a spiritual nature.

We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery.

Paulo Coelho

For me because I choose to notice signs and symbols in my life, when I see the numbers 555 I now have a personal reference in my mental library to use when interpreting a meaning to it that I know is accurate for me.

So no matter if things are going really good or things are going really bad in your life, look for signs from the universe and pay attention to your dreams for messages that will help you navigate the next steps in your life. Start to develop your own personal signs and symbols mental reference library to help the universe communicate and guide you along your path. Your intuition will develop and your life path will have less hills and valleys to conquer.

As for me, I need to get ready for a change.

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