You’re That Witch!

Two weeks ago I wrote a post for the Weekly DP Writing Challenge about my character “The Crone of Lake Cowichan”, I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to develop this storyline further and continue with postings about her. So twice or so a month I will write about Corrie Taylors adventures. If you didn’t read the first two offering, read them here.

Your That Witch!


“What’s your plans for today?” Leaning back on a sunny yellow Adirondack chair while looking over the water and holding a steaming mug of coffee, Jack Fortin posed the question to his neighbour, Corrie Taylor, the Crone of Lake Cowichan.

“I have to go into town for some groceries and I was hoping to go for a walk later in the day. Why?”

“No reason. Are you sure it’s wise to brave the fine people of our little town so soon? It’s only been a couple of days since we found Amber Carmichel, the town is still buzzing with gossip over it.”, Jack said. “You know I heard through the grape vine some of the locals are calling you a witch, saying you even have a pet Raven as your familiar.”

“A familiar!’

“Yeah you know, an animal that you have a magical connection too.”

“I know what a familiar is Jack”, Corrie snapped. “I’m just shocked that there are such small minded people living here.”

“Well what did you expect? This is a small town and a murder is kind of a big thing in any sized town”, her neighbour replied. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you but don’t be surprised when folks in town look at you strange.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Jack, I’ll bet no one will even look twice my way today in town.”

Jack laughed,”Well I’ll do my best to appear humble when I say I told you so.”


Corrie stood in front of the banana display trying to decide if she should buy a few extras and make some banana bread seeing as they were on sale. She could always freeze it to have on hand for company. While grabbing another bunch to put in her buggy she got the strong sensation of someone staring at her from behind. Turning around to see, the Crone had to lower her eyes several feet to the meet the culprits gaze. Standing before her was a brown eyed, brown haired boy about five or six years of age.

“My mommy says that you are a witch. Do you ride a broom?”

Corrie felt a flush of anger rise up in her but she put on her best grandmotherly face and answered, ” No dear, I am not a witch. I don’t know how to ride a broom but I do drive a pretty neat Jeep. Which one is your mommy?”

Looking to where the precocious youngster pointed, the Crone spotted an obviously embarrassed women in her early thirties with a toddler strapped in the seat of a shopping cart. You know what, she thought, I going to take the high road with this.

Reaching into her purse as she strolled over to the women, she pulled out one of her business cards. “Hi, I’m Corrie Taylor, I’d like to invite you to come for a complimentary reading at my cottage where I would be happy to tell you what the difference is between a witch and a crone. You are more than welcome to bring a friend, but I’d prefer no children. Just call or email me to set up an appointment.” Handing over the card, she smiled brightly, turned and walked away from the stunned mother of two.

After a couple of weird looks from fellow shoppers, she purchased her groceries from a nervous check out girl who wouldn’t make eye contact. Corrie could feel the tension mount between her shoulder blades. I could really use a coffee and something sweet after that experience she thought and headed for her favourite coffee shop chain.

Placing her order from the counter person,”I’ll have a large double double and an apple fritter please.” She paid for it and took a table by the side window of the restaurant to enjoy her treat with no further incident.


It wasn’t until she was about to gather up her garbage and leave that another thirty something women in yoga pants, a pink hoodie and highlighted medium brown hair pulled back in a ponytail nervously approached her at her table. “Are you Corrie Taylor, the author?”

“Yes I am”, Corrie replied.

“I just knew it was you!” the women gushed. “I recognized you from your picture on the back of your book, Writing and your Intuition. My literary group is starting on your book next month but I’ve already read it. I can’t believe it, the girls won’t believe I actually met you, and right here in Lake Cowichan of all places!”

Finally this day is getting better thought the Crone. I just knew all the residents in this town weren’t small minded gossips. Just wait until I tell Jack, and he thought he needed to warn me, looks like I have more faith in people than he does.

“Actually,” Corrie returned, “I live here now, I moved to Lake Cowichan a couple of months ago.”


“As a matter of fact, I would be more than happy to stop by one of your literary group’s meetings to discuss my book if you would like?”

“That would be amazing!”, the women squealed, ” Are you sure, it’s just a bunch of us who get together twice a month to discuss writing and review books and stuff. We just meet in each others homes, nothing fancy or anything.”

“Well how about this” the Crone suggested “have your group read the book then call me to arrange a time to come to my home and we can discuss it. I haven’t had a chance to meet many people here yet and this would be a great chance for me to get to know a few.”

The universe had decided to shine after all on the Crone today. Not only was she going to meet some local women but she might also gain a few clients as well out of this opportunity. The tension was lifting from her shoulder blades and a smugness was growing inside her. Take that Jack Fortin she crowed to herself.

Reaching into her purse she took another business card out and handed it over to the beaming women standing before her. “Here is my card with my phone number and address on it”, she instructed. “What is your name?”

Flustered, the women blurted, “Oh I’m sorry, how rude of me, my name is Tara Davidson. I’m just so excited to meet you I wasn’t thinking.”

Examining the card now in her hand, Tara stilled as she read, The Crone of Lake Cowichan, Intuitive Readings. Shock washing over her face, with eyes as big a saucers she looked up at Corrie.

“Oh my God, you’re that witch every bodies taking about!”

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2 thoughts on “You’re That Witch!

  1. Good for you on continuing the story! I’m enjoying it. My two cents though, I am both a crone and a witch, I don’t feel there should be any stigma to being both or either. I’m a happy, well adjusted witch in my crone years, loving every minute of it. 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have the utmost respect for all spiritual practices, that’s why in the story, Corrie hands the mother in the supermarket her card offering a complimentary reading so she can have the opportunity to enlighten the woman’s misconceptions and she will get that opportunity in a future post. As for being a crone, I believe all women become one (some embrace it, others don’t), it is the third stage of our human experience. With the advance of health and average life spans increasing, thank goodness the universe saved the best part for last. 🙂
      I hope you continue to follow The Crone of Lake Cowichan. She has many more adventures yet to come.

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