Vancouver man’s ‘The Stranger Project 2014’ gaining in popularity across B.C.

I Love this idea! You may remember a few posts ago ( A Really Good Day). I talked about the difference real human to human contact can make on a persons day. Well this fellow takes it one step farther.

Global News

WATCH: Battling Vancouver’s reputation as an ‘unfriendly’ city, Colin Easton launched the ‘Stranger Project’. He’s meeting a new person, at random, every day for a year. Alex Turner reports.

It can be hard to meet new people and make new friends, but one Vancouver man is making that his priority for 2014.

Called ‘The Stranger Project 2014’, Colin Easton aims to meet one new person every day and document that meeting with a photo and a short write-up on his social media sites.

Easton says he started the project on New Years Day after seeing his good friend, Donovan speaking to a lot of people on the Downtown Eastside, getting to know them and their stories. “At the end of his conversations, he always says ‘the next time you see me, say “hello” because we’re friends now’.” says Easton in an email interview. “That stayed with me for a number…

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2 responses to “Vancouver man’s ‘The Stranger Project 2014’ gaining in popularity across B.C.

  1. That is a neat idea. It would force the introverted folks among us to get out there and try to connect with people face-to-face. That this project will be delivered to readers via an online communication–sweet, sweet irony!–is just one more reason to support it.


    • I hope you chose to follow “the Stranger Project” on Facebook. I have been enjoying his posts so far myself. I like the fact that he puts how many people he approached before he found someone to meet. It kind of gives me faith that humans are basically friendly and want to share themselves.


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