Spring, It’s Here!

Today I went and had my hair done. Nothing earth shattering there and hardly worth writing about except for the symbolism of the act. Getting my hair cut was like shedding my old winter fur coat to allow for a lighter brighter version to appear.


My pet rabbit just went through a molt as well. Nature likes to release the dead of the winter season to allow for the new growth, the re-birth of the earth. Humans are really no different. No doubt there are the Grizzly Adam’s out there who go in for their twice yearly (spring and Fall) shave, bath and a hair cut and I know a few women out there, yes I’m talking to you, who shave off the winter growth on their legs that has kept them warm and their partner on his side of the bed, but there is a mental shedding as well.


Making it through to spring can feel like coming to the finish line after running a marathon. Historically, people who lived in northern cultures have always celebrated the return of spring. The winter stores that kept a family alive through the dark cold season of winter would be almost depleted and the first signs of fresh growth were beginning to show allowing for new sources of food. One could only imagine the relief our ancestors felt with the coming of spring.

Modern northern cultures feel relief as well. It may not be a matter of survival but to spend your first day outside with only a light jacket or sweater really does wonders for ones frame of mind. I suspect that anyone reading this who has survived the wicked winter of the east coast of north America will be doing the happy dance on the first warm day of spring where they live.


Last week I walked on the waterfront where I live and was buoyed by the positive energy I got from everyone who I past by. It was a rare sunny and warm early spring day and I comfortably walked in a kangaroo jacket and nothing else. People freely greeted me with smiles and hello’s as we past by each other. When I finished my walk, not only did my body feel great for having had a good stretch and a good lung pump but my soul felt as though it got a good vibe charging as well.

The hopefulness of spring stirs positive emotions inside and one can’t help but feel optimistic about life in general. Spring is the season of possibilities. Myself, I start making mental plans for projects that feed my soul like planning my garden, road trips to favourite haunts and new adventures close by, even washing and detailing my car becomes a chore of pride.

I find I am likely to socialize more now that it’s spring. I want to be out and about. Who wouldn’t want to meet a friend on a sunny restaurant patio for lunch rather than sludge through mud and rain and wedge yourself into a booth only to drag yourself out in the elements again afterwards. Life and living has come back to the northern hemisphere. There is cause for much celebration!

Okay not really me or any of my friends, just a warped fantasy of how I feel I should look while enjoying a spring day having lunch on a patio.
Okay not really me or any of my friends, just a warped fantasy of how I feel I should look while enjoying a spring day having lunch on a patio.

So for me, getting my hair cut is a significant action towards a new lighter mental outlook brought on by the coming of spring. Bring on the blossoms, the flowers, the spring jacket, the lighter, brighter colours, even the early morning chirping birds. Hail to the lawnmower, the gas BBQ, the deck furniture for you represent the return of the sun’s heat. This week spring arrives and I am so ready for you.


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