The Hardest Person In The World To Trust

What makes some people fully able to follow their dreams and other people never even voice theirs? Why can some people bounce back from failure while others wallow in it? The answer is trust.

Have you ever had a brilliant business idea that you secretly coveted, nurtured the dream in your spare time, even went as far as research every angle needed to launch the enterprise only to see someone else seamlessly and successfully start a similar company there by effectively stomping your idea in the dirt? Why could they make it happen and not you? Again, the answer is trust.


You may say to me, but I believed in my idea, I knew it would be successful. The other guy just beat me to it, he had better opportunities, more luck.  Well you may have believed in the business idea but you did not trust that you would be able to pull it off otherwise you still would do it. His launching the business first gave you the excuse your subconscious needed to prove that point.

The same goes for talent. Why do lesser talented people make it while other, far greater talented people linger in the shadows, because they trust in their abilities. They do not need outside approval, they have inside approval. It is not enough to know you have talent, you have to trust that your talent is enough, that you have a divine right to it and that you are meant to give your gift to the world. Having trust in yourself means you also trust your connection to the divine.

The hardest person in the world to trust is yourself. No doubt there are many people that you trust implicitly. They have build up an emotional bank of interactions with you that over time has cemented your trust in them. You have unwavering faith in them and know that they will come through for you if needed, no matter what. Can you say the same thing about yourself?


Think about your current goal or dream for a minute or two. Now get real quite and listen. What is your inner voice saying? Is it positive, supportive dialogue or is it negative, and fear based. If that inner voice is saying, “That idea is great but…”, then you have a trust issue with yourself. Your inner thoughts and your outer thoughts are not inline with each other and so it becomes very easy for your ego to sabotage your dreams. Instead of making deposits into your own personal trust bank you are subconsciously making withdrawals.

Having a healthy emotional trust bank balance means you have faith in yourself. You trust in your abilities to the point where if a negative thought comes into your head about your dreams, you are able to convert it into a challenge and not an excuse not to pursue the goal. When you meet the challenges and subsequently overcome them, a large deposit is made in that emotional trust bank.

Some might say that what I am really talking about here is self-confidence. Perhaps, but anyone can appear confident outwardly and even believe that they are. Having trust in oneself means that there is an unwavering faith in our own soul whether we triumph or fail in our life. To fail miserably at something may knock out your self-confidence for a bit but if you have trust in yourself, you will know that the essence that is you is still of high value.

There are many examples that your inner trust is weak. Do you constantly seek outside approval? Are you a people pleaser, are you driven to make others happy at the expense of your own happiness? Do you constantly have more excuses why you cannot follow your dream than reasons why you can? These are all avoidance tactics that says your ego has control of your life. It is causing you to look outward for guidance instead of inward where you will be able to build that self trust bank and get on with what you where meant to do in your life.

When you trust yourself you are able to say, yes I am scared, no I don’t have all the answers and still follow that dream.


So how do you built trust in yourself? One small emotional deposit at a time. It’s a feeling thing. In order to build faith in yourself, you have to understand your feelings and emotions. That means getting real and taking time to sit with each feeling you have to understand how your body feels, how you process it, how long a feeling lingers. Do not fear feelings, remember, you are not your feelings you are only experiencing them.

Once you understand your emotions, they lose a certain amount of power over you and you are able to rein in your ego and control your reactions to those feelings. That builds confidence in yourself which in turn strengthens the internal trust bank. If you do this exercise while working towards your goals or dreams, you will also be building your trust in yourself that you really do have the power to achieve anything you set your mind and emotions too.

Trust in yourself can be easy to build especially if you take small steps and enjoy each triumph. Before you know it your personal trust bank will be full and you will have the unwavering faith in yourself to reach the stars. But remember, trust is even easier to loose. Be aware of your ego, it wants to be in control and will resort to sabotaging your self trust bank to gain it, effectively cutting you off from your divine rights. That is why it is so important to understand and get real about your feeling and emotions. Gaining control of them is the only way to keep your ego in check and your connection to all that is possible strong.

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