The Crone of Lake Cowichan – Game, Set and Match

You idiot!

The Crone of Lake Cowichan’s youngest son Will, silently berated himself and punched his pillow as he tried to get comfortable to get some sleep. Why didn’t I ask her when she was here. Now she has gone back to Victoria and has time to think about us.

Will wanted her back and this time he was ready to commit to her for life but he’d chickened out when it mattered most and now she was gone. What happens if Alexa, having a chance to think it through, realizes that too much time has past, that their lives are just to different now. Had he blown it again?

That’s it! Tomorrow I’m going to drive down to Victoria, buy Alexa a huge diamond ring and ask her to marry me. God knows she deserves the biggest ring I can afford what with all the shit she’s had to go through waiting for me. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do, first thing tomorrow, if it’s not too late that is.


The next morning, bright and early, Will packed an over night bag and waited for his mom to get up. He decided that he would just say that he was going to Victoria to visit a couple of buddies for a day or two just in case Lexi rejected his marriage proposal. He didn’t need to deal with his mother’s disappointment as well as a broken heart. He also didn’t want to get his daughter Layla’s hopes up. The thought of hurting her and screwing up her childhood fantasy of having her parents together again would be the hardest part to deal with should he fail to win her mother’s heart back.

Will was about to drive out the drive way, when his mother ran out calling to him. He rolled down his window and Corrie handed him a women’s sweater. “Alexa left this here, can you make sure she gets it back?”

“What makes you think I’ll be seeing Lexi while I’m in Victoria?”, Will asked, trying to appear casual about it.

Eyebrows raised and hand on her hips, “William Taylor, you are talking to your mother here. Do you think I’m an idiot? I saw you two all love eyes with each other this weekend, if you aren’t going to Victoria to be with Lexi than you are the idiot!”

“Okay, okay!”, he confessed. “Yes, I’m going to Victoria to be with Lexi. Are you satisfied?”, then quieter he continued, “I just didn’t want you and Layla to know in case I messed this up.”

“How could you mess this up Will? You love Lexi and Lexi loves you.”

“I’m going to finally ask Alexa to marry me like I should have done sixteen years ago. I don’t know if she still loves me enough to marry me, so promise me you won’t say anything to Layla in case her mother says no. Okay.”

Corrie eyes stung with tears as she saw a rush of emotions wash over her son’s face, fear, love, hope, excitement. He would be fine, she was sure, her intuition never steered her wrong. ” Will, I promise I won’t say a word to Layla. I’ll let you and Lexi tell her the good news.”, then she smiled, leaned in through the car window and kissed her son on the cheek.

Will drove out the driveway and Corrie walked back inside her cottage. Standing just inside the entry way stood her beautiful grand-daughter Layla, grinning from ear to ear. She had heard everything. Corrie winked, pursed her lips and mimed locking them shut with a pretend key. She wouldn’t say a word, she wouldn’t have to. Layla held up her hand and high fived her grandma as she walked past.

Game, Set and Match! If Layla wasn’t successful as a psychic medium when she grew up she could have a promising career as a marriage broker!


With David and his Family away later that morning back to Victoria and Layla gone for a walk, the Crone of Lake Cowichan finally had an hour to herself. She decided to enjoy a cup of tea on the deck and do a reading for herself to gain a little personal clarity.

She drew three cards, the first to represent what she needed to know, she turned over a seven of wands, she will be called upon to defend her actions and her beliefs. The second card represented the challenges around what she needed to know, she turned over the Devil, beware of obsessive behavior and destructive practices. The third card represented the possible outcome once she dealt with the challenges. She turned over the Queen of Swords, a person who relies on logical thinking to create order in their life.

The Crone read the cards to mean that she was about to be put on the defensive about her lifestyle and it could impact her negatively if she did not act calmly and handle the situation in a professional manner.

Corrie was not immune to controversy. Her gifts made some people uncomfortable. This reading was a warning to be aware. Something was in the wind. She would be on the look out for omens and signs of caution.

“Caw, caw!”

“Well where the hell have you been?”

Perched on a nearby cedar tree branch was Corrie’s number one omen, Two Toes the Raven. How curious that he should show up now. What is that suppose to mean? He hasn’t made an appearance for weeks and then all of a sudden, no one is around and he shows up. Coincidence?

Well for one, Corrie didn’t believe in coincidences. The universe is always communicating to us, we just usually don’t pay attention. But whenever Two Toes showed up Corrie knew to pay attention and with the warning from her reading to boot, the possibilities made a shiver run down her spine. Something was going to happen, and the Crone got the feeling it wouldn’t be good.


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