Good for the Soul – Awesome Memories of Summer 2014

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Awesome Memories of Summer 2014

This is a little creative project I am going to do this summer and thought maybe you’d like to play along.

Did you ever scrapbook as a kid? I’m not talking about the fancy works of art scrapbooking trend of recent days where people create pages around themes, I’m talking about small items of memorabilia that your collected from events, trips, or milestones of your life and maybe pasted into one of those old dime store scrapbooks.

This summer, from July 1st to Aug. 31st, I am going to make a point to collect and save little items that represent the summer of 2014.

If you want to participate too, get yourself a large manila envelop and write on it “Summer 2014 Memories”. Put it somewhere where it is readily accessible, where you can see it so you are reminded regularly of this project.


Now as you go through the summer enjoying life, collect small things to put in your envelop. Summer concert ticket stubs, the layout map from your favourite outdoor craft fair, a copy of your new favourite salad dressing recipe given to you from a friend while at her annual summer BBQ and don’t forget the invitation from your daughter’s best friends wedding.

Think out the box too. Did you have a great bottle of wine with your bestie over nachos and deep fried pickles? Write the date and names involved and drop it into the envelop. Did you scrounge some seeds from your neighbour’s prize winning poppies? Add a few to a labeled Ziploc back and include them. Had a memorable day at the beach? Scoop up some sand, sea glass or shell bits in another labeled Ziploc and toss it in. In fact keep a few of these zippy bags in your car or purse, you never know when they will come in handy as you collect.

Press a few flowers or foliage from your garden or local park as well.  Lay them between two pieces of paper towel and press in a heavy book for a week or two them cut a couple of pieces of cardboard just big enough to cover the flower, place squished flower, still wrapped in paper towel now trimmed down to the size of flower between labeled cardboard, wrap elastic band around to secure and into the envelop it goes.

Ok, you get the idea, if it holds a memory of your summer include it in the envelop.

When September 1st arrives, seal up the envelop and put it away in a drawer. Do not look inside! Mark on your calendar or put a reminder on your Facebook page or on your iphone for the week of January 18th 2015 to set some time aside, to settle down with a nice hot cup of  tea and open up your envelop.

Why then? Because by then you will be in the middle of winter and far enough past the excitement of the winter festive season that you will need a little boost to tie you over until spring.

Check back in January and I’ll give you some ideas as to what to do with all those summer memories from your envelop.

I hope you play along with me. Let me know if you are. Come January I’d love to see what you collected. I’ll show mine and what I did with my summer horde.







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