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During my own personal weekly tarot reading, one of the cards I drew was the magician. While that is not uncommon or significant and I read it as part of the wisdom the cards were bestowing me, a couple of days later I received more insight on this major arcana card that has prompted to write about it.

A major arcana card represents a considerable marker in ones life. Character building events or lessons that shape our life as we travel along our own  personal path. Things like finding love, dealing with authority, leaps of faith, success, failure, death and rebirth.

The magician is the second card in a traditional tarot card deck but is numbered as one. The first card is the fool and is numbered as zero to represent the start of a journey, full of possibilities but void of experience. The number one is singular representing self. When we start out on our life journey, it is just ourselves, and our dreams for the future. We must rely on our own abilities first in order to make a start.

The magician’s message is to be self aware and to understand your personal power. When you are able to focus the power within yourself, you are able to focus your will and make your dreams come true and that is truly magical.

There is more to magic than just power though, having any kind of power whether it is knowledge, skill or authority over others requires responsibility. Lack of personal morality can turn power into control and manipulation. That is the dark side if magic.

Everyone is blessed with some kind of magical power in the form of ones own innate talents. We are each gifted with unique abilities that can be manifested into something great. Focus and self awareness is needed to develop the genius that is inside us.

Belief is the one thing required for magic to exist. That is the missing ingredient needed to evolve a talent from good to extraordinary and that is the true message of the magician card.

That was the “aha” moment I had a couple of days after my personal reading. It came out of left field while I was mediating outside on my deck and even though I felt that the insight was kind of obvious, I did gain a better understanding of how it relates to my current frame of mind.

When the Magician card turns up in reading it is saying, you already have all the skills, talents, and knowledge you need inside of you, all that is required is to make the choice to singularly control your will and focus on what you wish to accomplish and the belief that it can happen.

When you understand that the power must come from within instead of from external forces such as other’s approval, you begin to believe in the magic of your own personal power. The need to manipulate the outcome is no longer important because you have master the magic of your own destiny.



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    1. My personal favourite card is the Hermit. He’s the wise old sage. One day I may get to that level until then I remain an apprentice. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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