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Corrie Taylor, the Crone of Lake Cowichan sat across the table from her good friend Daisy Charlie. They were at their favourite chain coffee shop drinking iced coffee’s and munching on sour cream glazed donuts. The summer tourist season would soon be over and life would quiet down in their little town.

Daisy looked out at the cars lined up for the drive thru, each driver in a hurry for their next coffee fix. “Wow…that is some sweet set of wheels”, she voiced to her friend as she pointed to a 1970, lipstick red corvette pulling up in line.


Corrie turned to see what Daisy was drooling over and nodded her agreement and laughed, “Yeah, could you just imagine us trying to get in and out of that baby. That would totally blow the cool factor of that car.”

Laughing right along Daisy added, “Well maybe if we attached a hoist to pull our fat asses out it wouldn’t look too bad.”

As the corvette pulled farther up Daisy noticed the personalized licence plate attached on the back. “What does LGL MGC mean?”

“Heck if I know”, Corrie replied. Maybe we’ll ask Layla when we get back to my place, she’s good at that computer abbreviated talk all the kids these days use when they’re texting each other. I’ll bet she’ll know.

After enjoying their sweet indulgence, Corrie and Daisy hopped into the Crone’s jeep wrangler and headed back to Crone Cottage. Daisy pointed as they past Evelyn O’Connor’s house, ” Look, that corvette is parked outside that old ladies house. I wonder if it is a relative checking up on the place now that it is empty.”

Evelyn O’Connor had died over a week ago. It had been a bit of a mysterious adventure for the Crone. While the RCMP said she had died of natural causes, Corrie felt otherwise but with no proof, she was willing to let the whole incident go. Even though she ended up with the old ladies dammed cat living at her house she knew not to invite trouble where it wasn’t wanted.

Corrie slowed her jeep down to have a better look. A well dressed man in his thirties was coming around the side of the house returning to the corvette. As Corrie and his eyes met, a large black blur past by the crone’s peripheral line of vision breaking their eye contact.

Two Toes the raven swooped up and landed on the telephone wire attached to the house. To the Crone he was the kind of trouble she definitely did not want to invite.


“I’ll bet that guy is the lawyer handling the estate,” Layla surmised. “And I’d also bet that licence plate means LEGAL MAGIC. With that fancy car he’s probably some hot shot lawyer from Vancouver. Didn’t you say that is where old lady O’Connor’s family lives?”

That made sense to Corrie. Obviously someone had to handle disposing Evelyn O’Connor’s assets. The man she saw at the old ladies house carried himself with confidence, well what little she did see of him. He was the whole success package, fancy car, well dressed, even his licence plate eluded to his competence as a lawyer.


Justin O’Connor sat at the front of the B.C. ferry looking out over the water on his way back to Vancouver. He had searched his aunts house from top to bottom and scoured the property and out buildings as well. Where could she have hid it?

He had been waiting for years to finally get his hands on the family’s legacy. That bitch had kept it from him all this time.

Evelyn O’Connor had felt her nephew didn’t have strong enough morals to handle it’s responsibility so she took it upon herself to keep it hidden from him.

Well auntie, your time has run out. As soon as I find where you have hid it, I will finally realise my potential and my destiny…… and there is no one left to stop me.


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