I’ve always felt that holding a grudge is actually giving your personal power away. The person who had perpetrated the grievance against you will forever be draining your energy by being connected to you through negative emotions. I refuse to let anyone have that kind of control over me and so I choose to forgive.

Hurt, anger and revenge, are all emotions that hold you like a ball and chain to the past. You may be trying your best to live in the present and may have success moving forward but the weigh of these negative emotions make it harder than it has to be because they tend to trip you up from time to time and heed your progress.

There is only one thing that can break the chains of hurt, anger and revenge and that is to forgive. Many people report that they feel like a weigh has been lifted from their life once they decide to forgive another for past transgressions.

Think of your personal power as a energy engine. When you are firing on all cylinders you’re able to handle all the different roads of life. The pot holed patches to the smooth sailing stretches are all handled with ease.

When you are full of hurt, anger or revenge, there is a constant draw and you are not running at full personal power, your energy engine is bogged down with negative sludge and can not perform at it’s best on the hills, valley and curves of your life’s path. You end up at your destination just the same but the ride may not be as smooth as if your energy engine was running at peak performance.

You do not forgive for the other person, you forgive for yourself. We all make choices in our lives, some good and some poor, but we always have the ability to choose how we react to the consequences.

We do not have the power to make other people behave with consideration and respect for us. They are the only ones who can make that choice for themselves. That is where most the hurt and anger and subsequent revenge comes from, our belief that people should know how we expect to be treated and then act accordingly.

There is nothing wrong with feeling hurt or angry, they are natural emotions and you have every right to feel them, but know that once you have acknowledged them, maybe even expressed your aggravation to others and hopefully the perpetrator, you can choose to let those emotions wear themselves out and then give yourself the gift of forgiveness. That way you not only honour your feelings but also retain control over your personal power.

Now revenge, that is a horse of a different colour. Revenge is a low energy emotion that puts you on the same level as the person who hurt you. Part of the act of forgiving is to rise above and choose higher vibrating emotions such as compassion, understanding and love. Getting past the hurt and anger and forgiving is really the best form of revenge because you are making a conscious choice to no longer let other’s hurtful actions affect you there by rendering their negative energy useless. Now that’s real power.

So always choose to forgive rather than having your life held back by the weigh of hurt, anger and revenge. When you practice forgiveness, you unburden your soul’s destiny and are able to rise higher to where your energy engine can run at peak performance so that not only will the destination bring you happiness but this life’s trip will be awesome as well.



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