A Date With Death



Once, when I was doing a tarot reading, a client ask me if I could tell her when she was going to die. I don’t know if she was being smart, thinking she could expose me as a charlatan, or whether she just wanted reassurance that she was going to live a long healthy life.

Either way my answer would still be the same. No, I can not tell you when you are going to die and here is why.

The main, and most important reason is because as human beings, we always have free will. If I told her that she was going to die on September 1, 2020 in a car accident, I guarantee she would make sure that on that particular day, she would be no where near any cars, or even a street for that matter. Instead, as a precaution, she might just hunker down in her bed and wait for the day to be over with.

We always have the power to make different choices in our lives.  Once we do, our new decisions also change the outcome of the choices we have made in the past. A bad person can change his morals, begin to act with integrity, and become a good person. An unhealthy person can change her diet, take up jogging and become healthy.  The point is, every moment of every day we all have the ability to choose how we live our lives.

The second reason I would never be able to predict her date with death is, while we have free will and can choose our own destiny, there is also the element of fate which comes into play when we least expect it. Even if you have every minute of every day in your life planned out, fate can throw you a curve ball that alters your life forever. Fate is random and comes with out warning. It is the wild card and one never knows when that card may be dealt.

One of fates favourite tools is mother nature. Just today alone three people died in the Philippines by rogue waves brought on by an incoming typhoon. I’m pretty sure those folks never would have planned that surprise of fate as part of their days activities.

And who would want to know the date of their death anyway? Who would want that kind of knowledge hanging over their life?

“I’m sorry I won’t be able to make that appointment next Thursday, that’s the day I’m booked to die. Can we meet on Wednesday instead?”

How would your life change if you knew your personal expiration date? Would you live your life more fully, take greater chances, be a little wilder? And would your life be relatively safe from death until that date, or could fate still intervene?

Perhaps you would live in a state of dread while you wait for your demise. No point going in for any long term goals knowing you won’t be able to complete them. Would the fear of death paralyze your everyday life?

I think in this case ignorance is truly bliss. The mystery of life and of death is what keeps our lives magical. We can never know what tomorrow will bring. The unknown is what keeps life interesting.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone out there who can tell you exactly when you are going to die. I haven’t heard of any mystical prophets with that kind of ability. Have you?

What I do know for sure is that the past is over, it can’t hurt us anymore. The present is a gift and all we really have in this moment, so enjoy it to the fullest.

But when it comes to the future and that inevitable date with death, take my advice, get on the phone right now and cancel it.

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