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Recently, while at the vintage shop where I work part-time, A women and her young adult daughter came in and began to look around. When I greeted them the daughter blurted out, “do you ever get old stuff in here that is haunted?”

I laughed and said that I was pretty sure our inventory was spook free and then we went on to discuss all sorts of paranormal stuff. It seems this young lady had been watching a few too many horror films. But the comment that started our encounter got me thinking about old, previously owned items and the energy that they still may hold.

We’ve all heard stories of haunted items. The unexplained movement of a rocking chair, a portrait that continually fall off the wall or a doll that sends creepy shivers up your spin with it’s life like stare. John Zaffi’s Museum of the Paranormal in Stratford Connecticut offers hundreds off supposedly haunted items. The theory is that the spirit of it’s deceased owner has, for what ever reason, attached itself to the item. Check out this website and it’s 10 most haunted items in the world story.  http://amazingbeautifulworld.com/amazing-facts/10-most-haunted-objects-of-all-time/

Items that are haunted is a little too eerie for me and quite frankly I am glad that the store where I work isn’t in possession of anything like that. The fact is though, everything in this universe is made up of energy (vibrating atoms) and we are all connected to the same energy pool so it is not a stretch to consider that energies can be absorbed or transferred between items or entities leaving information within the vibrations.

Psychometry is the ability to sense information about an object or the person who owned the object by touching it. Have you ever touched something very old and had a sense of ancient history? Do you sense your grandma every time you wear her favourite necklace? Are you in possession of an artifact that just gives you the creeps? You may have “the touch”.

After pondering the ramifications of all the vintage stuff we carry in the shop and the potential of old energy in an item, I began to realize why some items in the store I gravitate to and others I avoid. It’s the energy and items gives off.

I have always been sensitive to subtle energies. I have always sensed the mood of a room instantly. I can accurately perceive a person’s emotional frame of mind and usually intuit their personality type by picking up on their energy vibe so if and object can hold residual emotional energy from the past, then perhaps I can sense that too.

For the most part, the vintage and antique items in the shop hold positive vibes. Most of the inventory is items that would have been cherished by it’s original owner so I would imagine any residual energy from the past would be happy. But just in case, I think I will avoid late night forays into shop alone to avoid anything there that may go bump in the night.


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2 thoughts on “Old Energy

  1. Good read, and with out doubt everything has a finger print of energy that can be tapped into. Hope you get to read my future blog entries, I have a lot to share about energy and its intelligence.

    1. Thanks for the input. I enjoyed your entries thus far and identified with some of the crap you have gone through on your spiritual path. Been there done that! I am always saddened by peoples need to condemn, control, or just plain hate. Like you say that’s probably why so many people are becoming more open to a spiritual alternative.
      Look forward to more posts from you.

      The Crones Apprentice

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