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It use to be, in the olden days, pre-email, texting an twittering that is, that we use to be able to communicate to each other.

Ironic when you think that in a world full of different modes of instant communication, we don’t really talk to each other anymore. Well, at least that has been my experience at any rate.

I enjoy writing articles about a variety of subjects and submitting them to various publications. Most of these online and print magazines are free and so I do not receive compensation for my efforts and that’s okay, that is not why I write. So you would think a business that relies on the free efforts of others and is in the communication industry would communicate to it’s contributors. Yet rarely do I ever get an acknowledgement that they received my article. How much time does it take to send me an email?

Companies spent considerable money marketing their wares to the public. They create beautiful websites, place glossy ads in newspapers and even advertise on television and radio but try and ask then a question or attempt to check on a pending order and all bets are off. Communicating, which is such a simple and relatively inexpensive business practise seems to be no longer in vogue.

Friends and families use to actually hang out together and engage in meaningful deep conversations. These are my hopes and dreams. These are my fears and struggles. Thank you for being here and listening, I feel much better. Now, thanks to texting, verbal exchanges are compressed into acronym garble. lol, omg!

Talk to me dammit!

I want a human experience. I want to be rejected if you’re not interested in my writing. I want to know that my order is delayed, sorry about that. I want to have face time with my family and friends and just shoot the breeze and have a few laughs or tears, if need be. I can not get that from a text or a Facebook chat.

I want to hear the inflections in your voice to know how you’re feeling. I want to see your body language so I can tell how what your saying is actually effecting you. I want to absorb your energy so I can feel your excitement or share in your sorrows.

I guess this is main reason I work in a small independent retail store. People actually take the time to interact with me there. Most times conversations stay safe and centre around the weather and light banter but on occasion I engage in a full in-depth conversation that leave both parties energized and richer of knowledge for the interaction. That is the synergy zap my soul craves.

Sooner or later, if you are a person of emotional substance, you will tire of flat surface one dimensional interactions that technology offers and seek deeper three dimensional communications. I call them relationships. Whether it comes from a business connection, or my family and friends, if my soul is here on earth having a human experience, I want a full spectrum connection.

Instead of relying on technology like Facebook and twitter to be connected to a large group of people that you vaguely know and do it poorly, how about choosing a small circle of people and connect to them on a face to face, soul to soul level and become relationship rich.

I’m right here, let’s talk.

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Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

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  1. Here here! I love what you have said herein Diana and quite agree about the lack of face time with real people! It is bizarre to me that people even break up with one another via a text! Huh? What happened to the integrity of treating others with respect and honouring their feelings, and facing the responsibility of seeing their pain, and honouring your own? So thank you for bringing this topic out, especially this time of year! And give me a call sometime (or let me know when I can call you!) dear friend of mine! Blessings, Rae, back in Calgary so missing Vancouver Island xoxoxox

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