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When I meditate I usually ask my spirit guides (everybody has a spirit guide) what it is I need to know to move forward on my personal path. Sometimes I get nothing, no mental images, no voices in my head, just a peaceful half hour of time. I am never sure if there are no messages or that I am not able to calm myself enough to be able to actually receive their wisdom.

But if I really concentrate on my breathing only and am able to calm my monkey minds constant chatter, I can get a answer. I received a gem of wisdom the other day that just dropped into my head.

For those who may wonder what I’m talking about, it’s like a thought just comes boldly into my consciousness. I will be focusing on breathing in and out and not thinking, just being present and out of nowhere an errant thought blurts out in my head. Some might say it is just an aha moment, that once I am able to calm my inner thoughts enough, I am able to think up a solution to my question. That may be true sometimes, but when the thought, idea or answer to my question comes from out of left field and is not consistent with my current line of thinking I tend to respect that the aha moment came from somewhere or something other than me, like the collective consciousness of the universe.

The thought that downloaded into my head the other day was “Stand in your own Strength.” Okay, that sounds straight forward enough….. I guess. But then my husband doesn’t call me the Diananalyzer for nothing, so I start pulling these five words apart.

I get that “stand in” means immerse myself in, or be, with pride. Not just acknowledge but exude my strengths. But what are my strengths?

Sometimes the answer is not just a concrete list of items or characteristics but a visceral knowing from the soul as is the answer in this case. Standing in my own strength means to me to ground myself in who I am as a individual soul. To be confident that my thoughts and contributions to this world matter. That I have just as much right to be here as any other person.

Now I am, by and large a confident person. I am not afraid to express my opinions and stand up for my beliefs. So a message such as “stand in your own strength” would normally fly over my radar with no more than a “well duh!” passing thought. But I did ask and seeing as my spirit guides were kind enough to answer, I gave it some thought.

Sometimes we need to be reminded what is unique in our essence. Acknowledge it and take pride in it. I had images[6]asked what did I need to know in order to move forward on my personal life path. What I needed to know was to be confident with my gifts, strengths as well as my flaws. They are what makes me who I am.

When you stand in your strength, you radiate your heart, and your own certainty. You raise your vibrational energy and then you attract that same energy back to you in the form of better opportunities and like minded people.

I like to think that my spirit guides are just preparing me for a new challenge. One that will require me to be sure of myself and my own personal belief limits. That they are just giving me a chance to re-affirm my spirit, ground my energy, open my heart to accepting what’s next for me with confidence and strength. Not bad advice to know.

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  1. I agree totally! Spirit never give us, and we never choose; anything we can not overcome…..there is so much inside us; we just have to learn how to tap into it 😀

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