A Different Kind Of Love Affair




You’ve met someone new. They are everything you’ve looked for in a partner, funny, sincere, positive, kind. You are energized just by being around them. But it is more than that. They get you. It’s like your new soul mate has a direct connection to your own soul. They anticipate your moods and then fully support you through the ups and downs of your life. This is the one. How could you live another day if this person was no longer there holding you up. They are your cornerstone and you know with out a doubt that you are unconditionally and utterly in love.

Now, image that person is you. Are you still unconditionally in love?

Did you instantly think, “yeah right love myself, I have too many flaws. I am too fat, or too ugly, or not smart or witty enough. How could I love unconditionally love myself, I know what’s wrong with me.”

For the vast majority of people, being in love with yourself is the hardest love affair we will ever be in because many people at the very core of their being feel unworthy of self love.

We truly are our harshest critic. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Judging our successes or failures against the very extremes of society, “If I only had a body like a supermodel. Boy I wish I could afford a Ferrari like that uber rich guy.”  Our failures, in our minds at least become epic as if we are the only one in the world who had ever made a mistake. How can we forgive ourselves for such idiot gaffes? “Everyone is looking at me and knows that I am not worthy. Why could I possibly love something as faulty and flawed as me?”

Have you ever envied another person, especially one who is successful at something you wish you could be successful at. You think to yourself, “my idea is way better than there’s or I’m better looking than them, how come they get so many dates?” Yet this person seems to be achieving what you are afraid to even try. Why is that? At some level, be it consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously that person believes they are worthy of that success.

Why would a perfect God crank out imperfect humans? Are we not made in his own image? What does that even actually mean?

Quantum Physics has proven that the whole universe, including human beings, so that means you too, is interconnected on an energetic level. The energy of love is part of that interconnection. If God is pure love and we are all connected then we must be pure perfect love as well. Our essence is energy and that energy comes in a gazillion of different forms like humans, animals, nature, planets, and stars all connected by threads of perfect energy.

If you can love another then you are essentially loving yourself. By feeling unworthiness for your self you are blocking your connection to all that is. Having love for yourself allows that flow of energy again where all things are possible.

So this Valentine’s day whether you are showing your love for another or wallowing in lonely self pity because you have no significant other to love, take time to have a internal love affair with yourself. Acknowledge that you are as you are meant to be and that you truly deserve happiness, success and yes even love just like every other person that walks this earth. By regularly practising a little self love you will begin to see your energy flow opening up to new opportunities. It may be just a new sense of confidence or it may be you meet the romantic love of your dreams. Anything is possible when the energy of love from from you.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

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