Tea Houses and Tea Leaf Readings

Calico Cat Tea House.  www.calicocatteahouse.com
Calico Cat Tea House.  www.calicocatteahouse.com

My daughter requested for her birthday that we go have our tea leaves read. Her birthday was two days ago but we couldn’t make it happen until today.

Afternoon tea at an English Teahouse is a treat. Fresh scone, still warm, light and flakey with strawberry preserves and whipped cream along with an assortment of fresh fruit, small bit sandwiches and decadent treats are the norm. If you are having your tea leaves read, the tea leaves will be loose in the teapot so when you pour, leaves will be deposited in your cup. A fine china teacup that is.

So off we went late this morning for afternoon tea and some psychic insight. Our reader’s name is Marilyn and this is not the first time we have had her read for us. Tahnee likes her so we requested her.

Marilyn is a seasoned reader who is not afraid to call upon her spirit guides for information. She is ever humble and always entertaining. While not everything she said was relevant for us, both Tahnee and I did receive some helpful information and advice.

That is the thing one must remember about a reading. The reader is doing their best to interpret what is being told to them or in the symbols they see in the tea leaves left in the cup. It is not a science. It is an art and not 100% accurate.

What is it about having someone tell us about our future? Is it the need to get the upper hand over our lives? And do we really gain the edge over it?

Still, I do enjoy to hear what another has to say about me and maybe, just maybe, I will hear something magical like,”You are about to go on a journey. You will meet a handsome stranger.” Or my personal favourite, “Your luck is about to change.”

Didn’t hear any of those, too bad.

The thing with readings is to use your intuition. You will sense what you need to know. If the information resonates in you, it’s worth paying attention to.

If you are looking for some deep answers I would suggest finding a good psychic or diviner for a private reading but if you are looking for a nice way to spend an hour, be entertained and maybe learn a thing or two, than by all means find a nice Tea House and have your tea leaves read.

And don’t forget to try the scones.


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