Don’t Piss Off A Dragon


A couple of days ago, my husband and I were having our morning coffee on the deck which is one of my favourite summer luxuries. As we sipped and shared the newspaper I began to tell him about the dream I had the night before.

images[1]I remember a lot of my dreams but usually only share the really weird ones with him. So off I went regaling him with the mental picture of me trying several times in vain to create some kind of steak dish for a cooking contest I was entered in along with my partner George Hamilton, the actor.

(Sometimes it’s best not to overanalyze a dream but just go with it.)

Anyway, my husband’s usual response to my dreams, after he looks at me like I have two heads, is to say, “I don’t remember my dreams.” But this particular morning he surprises me and says, “I had a dream last night too. There was a dragon in my dream.”

I sit right up with that. “What was he doing in your dream?”

“I was on a hill above and he landed in a stadium below me.”

“What did you do in the dream?” I question.

“Nothing”, he says, “I just thought, what the hell is a dragon doing in my dream.”

Please tell me you didn’t say that to him. Did you?”

“No, I just thought it. Why?” Now he is finally looking at me like I have two heads.

I release my breath, relax, take another sip of coffee and say, “He is a spirit guide. If he comes to you in a dream again, thank him for coming and then ask him if he has a message for you but what ever you do, do not piss off the dragon by being rude to him. He is a dragon after all.”

Now my husband is kind of use to me talking about what he would call “whammy shit” so he doesn’t blow me off. Instead he asks, “How do you know he was a spirit guide?”

“Have you ever dreamed of a dragon before? Did you recently watch a show or read an article about dragons? Where you even thinking about dragons recently?” I question.

He shakes his head, no.

That’s how I know he is a spirit guide. You have had no reason to consciously or subconsciously be dreaming of dragons.

“Dragons are very powerful omens”, I say. “They bring you strength and courage. They are masters of all the elements – fire, water, earth and air. If you remembered your dream, which you never do, and were surprised by having a dragon in it. It means something.”

Dragons don’t come to everybody. They are generally shy, what with being hunted and feared throughout history. Whether you believe they do, or ever have existed, these mystical creatures are ancient and full of wisdom. A dragon can teach you much so don’t ever discard even a dream of a dragon as just fantasy.

If a dragon comes to you in a vision, a mediation, a dream or even if you spy a dragon in your peripheral vision hidden within the trees, you are being given a gift. It is a honor and you would be wise to consider the message.

What is it that you need to know at this moment? Dragons offer courage and strength. Where in your life do you need to be strong? Do you have an inner dragon who wants to come out and show itself?

Dragons are part of the folk tales and history of many different cultures around the world including, believe it or not, the first nations of south, central and north America. The most famous being the dragons of the Orient and the European dragons.

Be aware, if you search deep enough, most folktales and myth have a least a thread of truth running through them. To have so many separate cultures have dragons in their cultural history has to lend some credit to the existence of dragons at some point in antiquity.

As for me, I personally believe they are still around. Even if they are no longer on this plain of existence, a magical creature like a dragon is bound to be flourishing on a parallel universe somewhere close by, only diving into this universe now and then to frolic and play and lend their spiritual strength to those who may be open enough to believe.

If you are lucky enough to encounter a dragon, don’t be afraid, just enjoy the experience there is something there for you to learn. He may even take you for a ride. But no matter how the interaction goes, remember to be polite and never, ever piss off a dragon.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Piss Off A Dragon

  1. I’m glad; I’m not the only spiritual person who understands that our spirit guides can be from the magical realm….how wonderful for your husband that ‘Dragon’ dropped in for a visit 🙂

  2. Oof, what I wouldn’t give to dream of dragons! My husband also doesn’t remember his dreams, so we pay attention to the rare few he does remember. (One of those told him he should be with me, so clearly this is a smart practice!)

  3. I love this! My husband has been visited by a dragon. I haven’t, but I had an encounter with a white unicorn once. Both encounters were during a meditation. By the way, coffee in the morning on my back deck is one of my favorite things, as well!

    1. When I was first evolving spiritually, I had a dragon guardian hang out with me in my meditations. I called him Lou. He has visited occasionally since then but less and less as time goes on.
      I tend to believe in dragon spirit energy.
      As for coffee on the deck, it is a morning ritual during the summer. We sit across from each other and our laptops while listening to nature music channel on cable radio. Sometimes we’re not sure if the birds singing are real or recorded. It is the most calming way to start ones day. 😁

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