A Sphere Of Friends

picture by www.colourbox.com
picture by http://www.colourbox.com

To bring full circle, circle of life, going round in circles, circle the wagons, talk in circles, even vicious circle but never circle of friends. Why?

Well, an epiphany came to me the other day while dusting my little green glass ball. Read about my green glass ball here:


I have recently joined an amazing group on Facebook which is called The Mojo Lab’s Inner Circle hosted by Victoria Smith of The Mojo Lab:


Now the ladies who I have met in the group so far do not deserve to be represented by a shape as two-dimensional as a circle. A circle is flat. These ladies are anything but flat. They are amazingly vibrant souls. Each with fascinating personal stories and depth of character.

I get the circle analogy and mean no disrespect to The Mojo Lab. There are no sides to a circle. Just a equally distanced continuous line. Like the Knights of the Round Table, each member of the group is equal. I like that.

So what does this all have to do with my little green glass ball? Well when I was mindlessly dusting it I realized it’s shape is a sphere. It is a circle with depth and substance. Just like my new circle of friends, and all my other friends for that matter too.

Think about mother earth, another sphere, and the immense energy she creates at her core. It radiates outward where it is available for anyone to tap into. That’s what a sphere of friends creates, a core of creative energy that each member can tap into which is synergistically held together with the altruistic intent of the group.

Some spheres of friends are soft and spongy at their center, expanding and contracting as the vitality of the group waxes and wanes. Some spheres of friends are solid at the core. These are tight groups and have a long stable history that has made the orb impenetrable.

I like the idea of a creative sphere of friends. We are all recipients of Divine sparks of inspirations that sometimes glow deep within our souls waiting for another soul to connect and fuel our spark so it can come forward and burn brightly. Sharing ideas, thoughts, even frustrations with like minded creative people is like being connected to the nucleus of the atom of inspiration. Another spherical shape as well.

So thank you to my little green glass ball for gifting me with an insight about the power of friendship and the energy that a collective of liked mind people can create within a sphere of benevolence and generosity.

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