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If I asked you, could you define yourself with one word? A title that would describe the essence of who you are as a living soul. A descriptive to give meaning to your life. I ask this question because for me it was paramount to know this label in order to move forward in my life.

I guess you could reword the question to; what is my purpose for this life? Everyone at some juncture along the way asks themselves this question. Some are lucky enough early in their life to find the answer. For them it is simple. I am here to pass on knowledge as a writer. I am here to save lives as a health worker. I am here to share my creativity as an artist. The purpose is so strong in them that they are driven to become that person. For them it is as essential as breathing.

For me though, finding a title that could adequately describe my essence took me many years and thousands of experiences. I have sampled many careers and many hobbies and enjoyed them all but on reflecting I realized that I needed to experience a variety of adventures to build up a mental library of wisdoms before I could understand my true purpose.The journey was what I needed, my career training if you will, in order to come to this point. I am a Wayfinder. I help others find their way.

It is probably the main reason that I work in retail. God knows it’s not for the money. I love helping people with their personal needs. I am curious to interact with random strangers and gleam tidbits of information from them which I tuck away in my cranial Rolodex to potentially use at another time. I get the most basic of human need fulfilled when I help others. The gratitude and appreciation I receive nourishes my body and is as essential to my existence as breathing.

I might act as a signpost and point you in the right direction. I might act as a problem solver and make your day a littler easier. I might act as a witness and hold space for you while you work through a heartache. I might help you gain insight so you can understand a situation in your life better and in the process of interacting with you, I help you find your way forward.

I am humbled by this title because I believe that as souls inhabiting a physical body, our only purpose while we are on this earthly plane is to experience life and to me, serving others is the most noble of actions that a soul can experience while here.

Does my declaration make you feel an little uncomfortable? Why, you may ask, is she baring her soul like this? Because there is wisdom in my confession. If you are stumbling through life, struggling with finding your own path, you need to figure out your title.

Perhaps you already know what it is, that one word that describes who you really are at the deepest level but fear is working hard to hold it in. I am a creative but the world will hate my art. I am a teacher but I don’t know what to teach. I am explorer but the world has already been explored. Yes but it has never been explored through your eyes.

If you come from the understanding that your only purpose in this life is to experience life and that your souls essence can only experience it fully if you explore it from the unique expression that is you, it doesn’t matter what others think. But here is the irony of fear’s torture. When you step past the anxiety and doubt and understand what your soul’s essence is and define yourself as such, you unblock the flow of inspiration that allows you to really offer the world something unique, the gifts that only you are able to provide.

We all have a purpose but like me, you may find that yours is much broader than a career title. Yes I am a retail sales person, yes I am a blogger, and yes I read tarot cards, but who I really am is a Wayfinder. The activities I do are just vehicles to achieve my soul’s purpose which is to help others to find their way.

So how can I help you?

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

6 thoughts on “I Am A WayFinder

  1. uh oh,,, you are indeed a wayfinder, and darn good at it.. but a way finder with a lil typo… Reflecting.. and Roladex

    maybe I am a fault finder? hahahaha I loved this Diana…

  2. Great question Diana, one that has also taken me years to acknowledge. I still don’t have that one word, I know what my purpose is, but not that one word, so maybe I need to do a little inner digging. thank you

  3. Wow, what a simple, yet complicated question! I don’t know that I could come up with a single word to define my purpose, but it is something I will definitely consider. I love that your word is WayFinder – while I haven’t “known” you very long, it seemed to me to be a perfect fit for you.

    Your blogs posts are always so wonderfully thought-provoking. Thanks for once again giving me something to ponder. 😀

    1. I am blown away by your kind words. It took me seven years of soul searching to arrive at that one word. The journey started after a very stressful and painful period of my life but looking back I can say I am so glad I chose to get curious about my personal and spiritual growth instead of wallowing in self pity. Okay, yes, I did do some of that too, but this blog would not exist if I hadn’t taken the high road

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