3 Tips To Find Your Personal Power

Feeling lost, overwhelmed? Is life spinning out of control for you? Or maybe you are just not confident enough to make the decisions that you need to make in order to move forward in your life. Here are three helpful tips to take back your personal power so that you can stand in your own strength and be the master of your own destiny.


Be Yourself



You are an original. No other person will ever come close to being the soul expression that you are. You are a work of art. So act like it.

How do you know when you are truly being yourself? When you are being your authentic self, you feel alive. You feel like your skin fits. You feel at ease inside because you are not spending precious energy keeping up a false façade.

But to empower yourself so that you are at the controls of your life you need to strive for your highest self. That means being your best self.

We all know when we are giving our best self. We do the right things. Not the easy, slide under the radar things that just get us through life but the hard, face the facts, be responsible things.

These are your truths, your morals, your personal codes of conduct. When you express your authentic self and act on your truths, your unleash your personal power.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Others 



If you are an original, then everything else is just a cheap copy. Why would you want a copy when you already have the original?

Comparing yourself to others is an act of betrayal to yourself. You are sending a message to your soul that it is flawed. You are damaging your ego, the part of you that gives you a sense of self by judging it as unworthy.

If you understand that Spirit, or God if you prefer, is perfection and that each and every one of us is an expression of Spirit, then wouldn’t it make sense that we too are perfection.

When you stop comparing yourself to other people’s authentic expressions of self that they have created in their work and instead choose to just get on with the work of offering your best self, you are able to truly creative original work that only your authentic self can give. That is megawatt personal power!


Stop Waiting to Be Rescued



You are an original, authentic expression of Spirit that nothing else could possibly come close to in comparison. So why are you still acting like the helpless maiden, waiting for the majestic warrior to come and slay all your evil monsters? You’ve got your own power, slay those dam dragons yourself!

You need to change the beliefs that are keeping you helpless. A belief is just a thought that is true for you. Once you unleash your personal power and it begins to grow in strength, limiting beliefs such as, I’m not talented enough, or I don’t have enough money, or I’ll never realise my dreams will no longer be true for you.

Pick new, empowering beliefs instead and save yourself:

  • If I was given this dream, I must also have it within me to make it come true.
  • I may not have enough money just yet to fund my new project but I am a creative soul who knows how to work extra hard to achieve my goals. I can figure this out myself.
  • My talent is my unique expression and is my gift to the world, not everyone will like it but plenty will. I will seek those people out.




It does not matter if you are rich or poor. It does not matter if you do not wear a size small. It does matter if your body does not work as well as you would like and it certainly does not matter if someone else has more perceived talent than you. What matters is that you recognise the innate spark that lives inside of your body.

This divine flicker is your personal power. It is the seed of your authentic self. Once you unleash it and nourish it with the belief that you are perfect just as the Universe intended. You will become your best self which is powerful indeed.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

8 thoughts on “3 Tips To Find Your Personal Power

  1. I completely agree with dragonflyzia! *grin*

    Seriously, some very excellent advice, Diana. I’m working on remembering these things, and this was great reinforcement.

  2. This is so true – when you live your purpose, in an authentic way, you feel alive, joyful, excited to get up in the morning! And, everyone is on their own journey, learning their own lessons…we can’t compare their lives to ours. We each came to Earth for a different reason 🙂

    1. Not only do we come to this earth for different reasons, but no 2 people have the same experience. You can’t get more unique than that. 😁
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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