Soul Disobedience


Be still and listen. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of your soul. Is it crying out for humanity? Can you feel it, the frustration, the sorrow?

We sit back and watch the horror on television. We past judgement on whole societies. We condemn the violence but we feel powerless to do anything to stop it.

But there is something each and everyone of us can do. We can listen to our souls and we can act out of character from the crowd and be different.

I call it soul disobedience, the act of rebelling against the crowd. Listening to your intuition and acting in accordance with what you know in your heart to be true. Choosing love, compassion and kindness instead of being distrustful, fearful and cynical.

Terrorism is spreading because it is working. We are feeding the machine with our anxiety and distress. It seems that all terrorists have to do now is send out a threat and we alter our lives. States of emergencies are called and our liberties are curtailed.

But our souls know that as a collective world society we can not continue to be held hostage by fear. Love and acceptance of our fellow man is the only answer. When we choose to see all people as vibrant loving souls instead of lumping whole cultures into small mindedness boxes, we disarm radicalism of it’s ability to bully us into this vicious cycle we are spirally down into .

So let your soul rebel from the conditioning of our society. Be a warrior for peace. Practice soul disobedience and encourage others to join you. A world connected in love is the only solution.


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