December – There’s Still Time



Before you get caught up in the frenzy of the holiday season and before you get to the last week of December and start reflecting on another year gone, there is still time to squeeze in one last New Year’s resolution for yourself. One last chance to fulfil a goal for 2015.

Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions from way back in January? How many of them did you achieve? Forget about the lose weight/ get into shape one. If you fell off the bandwagon way back in February like most of us there is no point whipping yourself with guilt. There is enough stress and over expectation during the holiday season without adding that one to the list. Instead just strive to maintain over the holidays and re-assert that resolution back into the 2016 list.

There is easily enough time left to end your year with at least one small resolution crossed off your list from January. A last chance kick at the can. Do you except the challenge?

For me, one of my yearly resolutions is to be better organized. I am a creative person. Being disciplined, scheduled and with systems in place is not how I roll but I know, at times even crave, a formulated, methodized system will make my life easier and waste less of my time.

So here it is the beginning of December, eleven months have past and my “to be filed” file is full to over flowing, my desk is cluttered with stuff and there is post-it notes and scraps of paper reminding me of time sensitive jobs that have yet to be done.

But there is still time, I can get this done.

The fact is I could probably tackle this project in a couple of hours. The reality is I could have done it at any time during the year. The truth is, if I had been organized in the first place like I had set out to be in January, there would not be a pile on my desk in the first place.

But there is still time, I can get this done.

I will except this self appointed challenge and call it my Old Year’s resolution. I will muster up the energy and get organized so I can spent the last weeks of the year free to celebrate with family and friends happy in the knowledge that I made my goal and became organised. I will firmly set my intentions and fearlessly wade through the piles of paper. I will file every scrap. My desk will be a gleaming example of what an organized mind can achieve. I will go forward into 2016 burden free of the clutter of 2015.

This, I know I can do….maybe tomorrow. After all, there is still time.


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  1. I love the idea of having an Old Year’s Resolution! What a great way to get a jump on things. Thanks for the idea – I might just give this a shot. 🙂

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