It’s such a simple thing. Costs nothing, but can be your greatest gift to humanity.

It’s your smile.

I like to play a little game when I am out in public. Similar to the game “Chicken” where two cars drive head on at each other until one driver chickens out and swerves to avoid the collision. As I am walking along and another person is walking towards me I begin to look straight at them. I am waiting for them to make eye contact and when they do I flash them a smile.

Very few avoid my gawk. I think they can sense my energy pulling at them. You know the feeling when you feel eyes on you, staring. You just have to look.

Most who become aware of me smiling at them smile back. Usually it is a tight, thin lipped smirk. It’s the polite acknowledgement of my silent greeting. That’s when I turn up the wattage and go for the full on toothy grin. Can I get them to do the same?

I am delighted by the surprise in their eyes. I have just entered their personal bubble and burst their line of thoughts with a little spark of human kindness. Aha! Take that. I dare you to not react with a bigger smile back.

A few look away not knowing how to react. A few continue with the smirky smile but most smile wider or even offer a “hello”.

This little game of mine was born from my desire to leave people just a little bit better for having interacted with me. I use this as my guide in my part-time job in a little vintage shop. A happy thought, a laugh, or just a smile, these are the tools of my trade.

Do you know what is the best part of this game of mine? Smiles are like two way streets and when I get a mega watt smile in return, I am left just a little bit better in return and that really makes me smile.



Friends don’t let friends smile and play games alone. Please share this post and for heaven’s sake, smile!



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5 responses to “Smile

  1. Siobhan Hiles

    You make my heart smile!! Have a great day my friend!!

    Sent from my iPad



  2. LOL I also do the same, when I’m in the store I walk with a smile on my face and most people will smile back, and like you said with a “tight, thin lipped smirk” but they smile, and than there are those who give a huge smile and hello back, and I can feel inside of me that I just brightened their day a bit. Thanks lovely post and I have a smile on.


  3. Smiling is the only way I make it through the grocery store sometimes. It’s amazing what a difference a smile and a positive attitude can have on people around you. Thanks for sharing your game!

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