Defending Your Actions

One of the side benefits of my own personal weekly intuitive reading is occasionally I get a good topic for this blog. A card will strike a cord and send my inner muse into a running dialogue with my practical mind and force me to have deep thoughts. As was the case today.

A questions that I regularly ask the cards is, “What do I need to know in order to move forward this week?” Of the three cards that I pulled this week, one was the seven of wands.

Seven of Wands from the Gilded Tarot deck.
The basic meaning of this card is that your actions are being questioned and you are required to defend them. Now usually my first thought would be, “Great what kind of trouble am I in now.” You see I tend to be an opinionated person and if you ask me what I think, I will more than likely tell you.

This personality trait has got me into hot water more than once in my life for so you can understand why I would be wary of the seven of wands. But having just wrote last weeks post about being a people pleaser or being of service to others, I stopped the preprogrammed negative self talk my ego was basking in and let my inner muse have her say.

When you are being asked to defend your actions you are being given an opportunity to re-affirm your personal beliefs. The universe is testing you to see if you understand why you did what you did. Think of it as the school of life is giving you a pop quiz. How well do you know the material? For the most part our actions are given direction through our internal moral compass. What you believe to be true about yourself and others will manifest via your actions.

If you are unable to successfully defend your actions it’s because you have either never taken the time to create a personal code of ethics or, your code of ethics is dis-honourable.

What do I mean by no code of ethics? I mean that you have never decided for yourself what you stand for, what you hold dear in your heart, what you are passionate about or even what are your personal likes and dislikes are.

Note: If you are a people pleaser and put other’s happiness before your own, odds are you need to strengthen your personal code of ethics.

As for having a dishonourable set of ethics, well you may be able to defend your actions and feel confident that you acted correctly but the deed was self serving with little or no thought to the outcome or how it may have effected others. For example: you lied to save yourself from embarrassment, or you looked the other way because you didn’t have time to get involved.

Defending your actions is not easy. It might not even be popular and you may still have to take the heat over what you have done. But when you operate with conviction regardless of whether it draws attention or not, you act with your highest intention and good.

Here’s the thing, we all want to be liked. We all want to live in a strife free environment. Nobody wants to have to explain their actions, we all want to live autonomous lives.

So know what you stand for. Be confident in your choices and if a situation arises that puts your actions in question than use the opportunity to clarify your understandings. Whether your actions were right or wrong a closer examination of your beliefs will  strengthen your character and maybe add a little wisdom in you life.

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3 thoughts on “Defending Your Actions

  1. Mostly I don’t defend my actions or my words, I for the most part don’t care what other people think of me. Although I can’t imagine anyone thinking not good things of me LOL but there are those occasions when I put my foot in my mouth and then defend something I said. Thank you for posting this it’s a good reminder.

    1. What about if someone questions your beliefs? Would you defend them? I guess what I’m trying to say is, our beliefs matter to our soul. I too could not care less (or try to at any rate) what people think of me but I will defend, with passion what I believe and stand for. Thanks for giving me some more food for thought on this. 🙂

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