Who’s Business Is This? And Why I Don’t Watch The News



This is actually wisdom 101, stuff your mamma out to have taught you but it amazes me how few people understand this premise. When a situation unfolds before you, before you wade into the pool of opinion, ask yourself this question, Who’s business is this?

There are three levels to this question. Three circles of influence that surround you that will help you decide the correct answer.

How does this effect me?

Is my life effected by this situation? Will my life be changed by how this event unfolds? Will it hurt me or help me personally? If the answer is yes, you have a right to stick your nose in. If not, move along folks, nothing to see here.

Does the situation effect people or things in my immediate circle of influence?

Does the situation matter to my friends and family –  my tribe? Will my neighbourhood, meaning my community and the surrounding area, be effected by the outcome of the situation?

If the answer is yes, as a contributing member of this community, then yes, you have a right to an opinion, but only on the situation and not the people who have caused the issue. Keep to the facts and don’t assume. Assumption is gossips co-conspirator and that is not your business.

Is this a moral issue?

As a citizen of your community, nation and the world there are times when, as a member of the human race, it is your responsibility to speak up and take action. This is definitely your business, it is all of our business, yet surprisingly few take up the call.

Perhaps we don’t want to get involved in the messy stuff because then we will be forced to engage our emotions. The decisions will be hard and we will have to take on a leadership role. Yet when you do take a stand and make it your business, real change for the better can happen.

News all the time



Global 24/7 media has allowed us to watch events around the world unfold as they happen. Media no longer edits news to make it palatable for the gentle consumer. Individual lives are now being played out across many levels of media for all to see. We are inundated with information that is outside of our circle of influence and  many feel helpless to react positively. Yet if we apply the simple “Who’s business is this” to what we see and hear on a daily basis, we can filter out most of it.

Don’t believe me. Here’s a little test. Go to your favourite news website and use this simple rule as you scroll down the headlines. Is it your business? Does the story effect you personally? Is your community involved?  Can you do anything about it and if so, are you even willing to?

I will bet that almost every story that made headlines is not your business so move along. Go find something worthwhile instead to apply your energy too. I guarantee that not only will you be less stressed in life, you will be happier too and just maybe with all that extra time you can do something that is your business and help make the world a better place.

Make it your business to comment on this post and continue the conversation.

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15 thoughts on “Who’s Business Is This? And Why I Don’t Watch The News

  1. Years ago, I took a journalism class, and was required to subscribe to a number of newspapers. After the class, I maintained the habit of scouring each paper on a near daily basis. When I realized my stress levels were through the roof, I cancelled the subs, and took an extended break from daily news. The peace I felt afterwards was amazing. Great advice, Diana. 🙂

    1. This post came out of a conversation with my best bud during National Margarita day celebrations. We get into deep conversations when tequila and limes are involved. What’s most amazing is that I remembered the content of the conversation!

  2. Hi Diana – excellent post! I too refrain from the news mostly and have done so for years. And yes, I do stick my nose in only if, and when, it directly affects my life, family or community. And I will stand up for what I believe in. Luckily, it hasn’t been too often and the blessed gift from it all: PEACE and TRANQUILITY and LOVE and FORGIVENESS more and more from me to others, and back again! Yay! Methinks the drama of unedited media news creates even MORE drama, to KEEP people IN the drama triangle…and on and on it goes….Thanks for your Wisdom dear Diana! xoxox

  3. And, we get even more news (and opinion sharing) on social media every single day. I believe you are right on with your views. I am sharing in order so that this post can reach more people. Our society needs it!

    1. Well then, it seems my job is done for the day. You are welcome for the timely reminder.
      Thank you for sharing, I know how hard it is to ignore the constant barrage of media.

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  4. Wow – this is so powerful on two fronts. Firstly, so many people (myself included) get offended by and jump into debates or arguments that have little or nothing to do with us. Secondly, too much news can be overwhelming and make you feel suffocated in misery. I’m certainly going to try and take your advise and think if this is my business before getting involved in future.

  5. This is a rule of thumb I always go by- chances are, it doesn’t concern you and you probably shouldn’t be talking about it. People spend far too much time talking about things that don’t affect them!

    1. I whole heartedly agree. Not to mention that I don’t need to get upset or stressed over things I have no business being aware of. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😃

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