So Just How Powerful Can You Be?



One of my favourite Astrologers, Jonathan Cainer has been asking this question on the Virgo horoscope for the last few days. Enough times that it made me curious enough to spend some time pondering the question: How powerful can you be?

Really it’s all about inner strength. What force can you bring up from you deepest soul when faced with a challenge.

This week I heard the story of a lady in California who spent 9 days lost in the wilderness with nothing but her dog for company. How did she survive?

I also had a family member go through a potentially life altering operation. Thankfully the outcome was favourable but how did he face this unknown?

Human beings, when faced with trauma, loss, even catastrophe, have in them the fortitude to overcome tremendous odds. We would not have ventured out of our dark, safe caves millions of years ago if we didn’t.

Why then do we let seemingly superficial fears paralyze us and stop us from achieving our dreams? This is the real take away I got from my contemplation.

Our personal dreams are not threatening our lives. We do not feel compelled to fight for our survival. If we do not achieve our goals, we will not die. The lady who was lost for 9 days did not want to die so she tapped into her personal power and focused on the challenge before her which was to stay alive until she was rescued. For her there was no alternative.

But what if not following your dreams is actually harming your well being? Instead of the acute danger that a shocking ordeal can bring to your system, not realizing your personal dreams is more like a slow festering wound to the soul. Over time the results can be more devastating because the damage, which usually manifests as anger, depression or a chronic illness may be much harder to overcome.

But what would happen if you tapped into that well of personal power and scooped up just a little bit of it at a time, over and over again and used it to make small steps towards achieving your dreams? Tiny doses of inner strength, hardly enough to get your heart racing with energy. Each scoop piling on top of the other until you have transformed that well into a mountain of personal power. How confident, how courageous would you be then and what tremendous goals could you realize?

We all have the capacity to be very powerful. True personal power means having control of your life. If you are not at least attempting to live your dreams you are letting the randomness of life control your destiny.

Failure does not drain your power. Fear of failure does.  

This is the mistake we make that paralyzes us and holds us back from realizing our dreams. By failing you have just learned what not to do the next time, and we all know that knowledge is power but fear of failure means you probably won’t even try in the first place.

Life lessons come in all forms and from many sources. The universe this week decided I needed to understand that I have an amazing well of personal power. I have a creative mind that can think up unique ideas. I have the capacity for great love which is a superpower all by itself and I have knowledge and wisdom to help me achieve my dreams.

So in answer to Jonathan Cainer’s question, How powerful can you be? Very powerful thank you very much and I’ll bet you are too.




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4 thoughts on “So Just How Powerful Can You Be?

  1. Sorry to sound so harsh but the energy of unrealized dreams if not used can manifest internally over time creating dis-ease in the body. Even more reason to at least take baby steps towards your dreams. A good book to read on the subject is The Anatomy Of The Spirit by Caroline Myss. She is a medical intuitive and spiritual guru. Never give up on your dreams 😍 and Thank you for being a loyal follower of my blog. Your comments are always valued and appreciated.

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