Your Amazing Super Power




Did you know that you have the ability to possess an amazing super power?

So super that it can avert war. Powerful enough to solve any problem, even world hunger and the best attribute of this power is that as you age it has the potential to grow and grow. Only one other human power can morph this gift.

What is this wondrous virtue?


Human beings have the ability to convert acquired knowledge into the sage insight we call wisdom. Your experiences throughout your life, your book learning, even your insatiable curiosity, all work together to become personal wisdom. And no two people possess the exact same recipe. Your wisdom is unique to you as your finger print.

It is one thing to be smart and have knowledge in your head at your disposal but unless you have experienced that knowledge and can integrate into your life from your own personal perspective, it’s just information. The difference between knowledge and wisdom is: Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.

Why do I consider wisdom a super power?

Consider the great spiritual leaders throughout history. Their personal experiences and teachings drew thousands, even millions of people to follow them in peace. Their wisdoms were understood on such a cellular level within their followers that their words and actions became religions that are still honored to this day.

Think of Mahatma Ghandi. His body was not virile, he did not use brut strength to achieve his goals. Although born to merchants and trained in law he did not live a wealthy lifestyle. His power was his devout belief in peaceful resistance. His knowledge and experiences created within him a super wisdom. A wisdom that compelled other world leaders to listen to him and take action. How can that not be a super power?

You too possess the very same capacity for wisdom as Ghandi did. But your super power will manifest into a totally unique virtue. Only you have had your life experiences, your training, and your knowledge. Even your cultural background will colour your wisdom differently than anyone else’s. Your gift will never manifest exactly the same in another soul. It is yours alone.

But with a super power such as wisdom there comes great responsibility. It is first imperative that you identify your unique gifts and perspectives. Then decide how best to use these gifts for the good of humanity.

I don’t mean that you are expected to take a vow of poverty and roam the world preaching to the poor and the downtrodden. Just that you use your gifts.

If you are a natural healer, use this boon to help heal in some capacity. If you have a silver tongue then speak your words. You are meant to share your stories. If you have a creative soul, then create. The world needs your art.

Once you establish your path you will acquire knowledge and experience until you become a master of your gift. At this point the wisdom you have acquire has the potential to become a super power. Even if your circle of influence is a small but devout following you still have the ability to change another persons life with the wisdom of the gifts that are inside of you.

We are put on this earth to experience and help others.We are given unique gifts to make that happen. Some people call it your soul contract with the divine, or your purpose in life. We all have the capacity to achieve tremendous things. They may be as seemingly unassuming as steering a wayward youth onto a better path or as gigantic as becoming a world leader. In the big scale of the universe, each one is significant and worthy. The one unifying factor is that wisdom was used and lives were altered for the better. That’s just super in my books.

As for what one super power is greater than even wisdom? That would be the universal energy we know as Love. No other power can ever manifest more force than love and those who possess wisdom would never even try.



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