What The Heck Is A Crone Anyways?



After I tell folks the name of my blog I regularly get asked, “What is a crone?” And from those who only know the Hollywood version of what a crone is, I usually get the look that says, “Why on earth would you want to be an old hag?”

Every once in a while I think that maybe I should change my blog’s name. A lot of women out there have begun using titles like, Goddess, Wild Woman, Wayfinder and even Witch, but I keep returning to Crone. So I thought I would acquaint you with why I use this designation.

Firstly, the dictionary will tell you that a crone is a cantankerous, withered old woman. Wow, now that is just harsh. Who would want to be one of those? This is where the definition of a crone went sideways and this is the image Hollywood loves to portray.

Another definition comes from the triple goddess, or the maiden, mother, crone archetype. That being the three aspects of a woman’s life. The innocent young maiden or child, the nurturing mother, and the wise old grandmotherly sage. This is where I began my understanding of what a crone is.

So what’s with the word crone?

The word crone is derived from an ancient word for crown, suggesting the wisdom that 5248e5d02288449f3a8f98a822accc72[1]emanates from the head like a halo. Ever notice the golden halo’s painted around angels or saints in renaissance paintings? These auras of light were symbolistic of ones divine connection to God.

A crown also represents being sovereign as in being the ruler or queen of the land, or in the case of a crone, being self-governed, autonomous and effectual.

Crones traditionally where the oldest woman in the village who was sought out and venerated for her knowledge in healing, community traditions and as council, for advice on many aspects of village life. Her long life garnered her respect and she was considered a leader of sorts in her community, especially amongst the woman folk.

Is the title “Crone” relevant today?

Here’s why I choose to use the term crone. Our society is crying for leadership. We are in need of gentle guidance from those who have gained a lifetime of wisdom and who have lived through, and recognize the cycles of nature and of history.

We have lost the traditions of family hierarchy.  We over-value youth. We covet things over people and we have complete dis-respect for the world on which we live. The ship of society has gotten off course and has been fighting the current of life for some time. We need only to watch the nightly news to confirm that.

But one thing that seems to be glazed over, is the fact that in western society, we have an aging population. Almost 30% of the population is now over  the age of 50. That’s a significant number. That’s clout. And with that age (hopefully) comes a lifetime of knowledge, wisdom and insight.

Not only is there a large group of wise people out there, but because we live in an affluent society and have access to better health care, we are living much longer. So as the years go on there will be even more of us old folk. We have the power to make a difference, if we choose.

I like the title, Crone. It is an unexpected word. It’s not gentle or squishy. It’s different from what’s out there and it has a hint of badassery to it.

Maybe she’s a witch? Maybe she’s a bitch? Maybe she will smote you down with her SUV if you try to take her parking space?

Or maybe she will sit with you in love and compassion as you work through a hardship in your life. Perhaps, offer some sound advice and a plate of homemade cookies – no poison apple here.

Either way, you can be sure that if she is a crone, she will be able to offer up exactly what you need to hear, good or bad. And just maybe, the world could use a little more well aged wisdom, and learn to respect the crones and sage’s of this world who have a thing or two to teach us all.

Respect of all age groups is a good start to turning the ship of society around so that it can float gently down the stream of life once again.

I want to live in a world where being old is an achievement and that I am celebrated for having white hair and wrinkles, but I also known, that it is my responsibility to act in a way that is worthy of that respect. So that one day, the people who matter most to me, will honor me for the knowledge and contributions I have made and still make in this life.

I want the salutation of “Crone” to be a title of honor, a sign of the highest mastery of who I am – equivalent to a professor of life.

So I will continue to keep my blog’s name, and offer up what wisdoms and insights I can and hopefully, when I am very old, I will have achieved my goal and the title of “Crone” will be considered a gift of dignity and respect.



If you are a Crone or a friend of a Crone, then get the word out and please share this post.





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11 responses to “What The Heck Is A Crone Anyways?

  1. Michlle

    I to shall aspire


  2. LOL love that first picture you have of the 3 women. “Our society is crying for leadership.” I’ve been thinking about writing about how to be an inspiring leader in the workplace. Something I’m very good at but haven’t really shared, you just answered it for me. I agree with you Diana, the title Crone for your blog suits you, you wear it well. Thanks for sharing yourself.


  3. I love the idea of a crone.. but I will be honest. I really struggle with calling myself one! 🙂


  4. Love where you are coming from Diana and I totally agree. Women 50+ have so much to offer from life experience. I’m glad that you gave the meaning of crone – unfortunately sometimes we think of a ‘witch’ but I rather like the idea of being a ‘wise’ one. I’m Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond and I’m happy to have found your blog through The Women of Midlife on FB. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Sue. I know woman who like the term Witch. Although they refer to themselves that way because they are earth centered woman. I sometimes think woman of our generation (50-60’s) have forgotten the woman’s lib movement of the late 1960 and 70’s where we finally stood up for ourselves. While I am not about to burn my bra anytime soon, I do believe that older women definitely have a valued place in society and we should not fade away. Thank you for commenting.


  5. A friend of mine Kaya Singer posted your blog on her FB page. A great piece of writing! I was called by the Crone in 1998 or ’99. Yes, “called.” In 1999 I attended my first Crones Counsel (spelled counsel for obvious reasons). We are celebrating our 25th annual gathering October 4-8 in Salt Lake City. So I’m wring to say, “Calling all Crones.” You can check us out at cronescounsel.org Most of the women who attend belong to local Crone groups, but not all. We are wise, witty, and yes we are also bawdy! I am proud to call myself a Crone and also to be known as a Crone. I subscribed to your blog and look forward to your future posts.


    • Thanks for commenting Win, I am well aware of the Crone Counsel. Any time woman congregate, especially older woman, great wisdom ensues. I will do my best to get the word out. Thank you for following. I look forward to hearing from you again. Feel free to comment anytime.
      Diana Frajman of Crone Confidence


  6. A wise and enlightening explanation. Society has turned old people into invisible beings and destroyed their role of wisdom keepers.


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