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My solar new year is fast approaching. The time of year when the sun returns to my sign. I am a Virgo.

September has always been my New Year. As a child it correlated with going back to school but as an adult I find it is a time when I have an internal need to start something new.

For the last month I have been metaphorically stuck in the mud. Sure I can move but it’s a slog. Gravity and suction is making it hard for me to get anything done but the day to day stuff. Projects I want to have completed this summer are stalled and what’s more, I haven’t even had the desire to accomplish anything more than the simplest and quickest of tasks.

But the more I think about it the more I realize that I am exactly where I need to be at this moment in time. Once I understood that the universe has purposely slowed my life down to a crawl I was able to see it for the gift that it really is.

The astrology sites online tell me that I am about to start a new twelve year cycle of life and this will all begin in September. This last cycle is in it’s final death spiral and needs to slowly whorl it’s way down like a spinning top, wobbling until it finally stops.

In life we have years of expansion and years of retraction and years of stagnant growth where life around you happens but our own little world slowly spins in one place.

In order to built up momentum for the expansion years where your life takes on new challenges and growth you need time to prepare for the new push of energy. This is happening for me this summer.

It’s not meant to just be lazy and do nothing, although that is needed at times. It is a time to release what was. To clean out the crap collected from the last cycle, the regret, guilt, the heartache. Let that stuff go.

It’s like renovating a room. In order to make it new again you must first clean it out. Remove the items that are no longer required for the new design. Wipe out the dust and cobwebs inhabiting the dark corners and open the windows to air it out. Only when it is stripped down can you begin again to revive it into its new form.

It is time for a personal renovation and the universe is helping me slow down to prepare myself for the change by giving me time before the new cycle begins to clean out the cobwebs in my head and dump that outdated disappointments and heartaches in my heart. But most importantly to open the window of my mind to be ready for new opportunities with a clear view that is not obscured by the clutter of the past.

Once I understood why I am feeling how I do then I could understand the gift for what it is.

That’s the piece of wisdom to keep in mind no matter what is happening in your life. Good or bad you are experiencing it for a reason. Whether it is a consequence from choices you have made or whether it is a result of a random event that occurred from out of nowhere. There is something you need to learn.

There is a lesson in everything we experience and if you want to evolve into a better person as you progress through your life you will do best if you look for the meaning of every stage you go through.

For me, in this moment, the lesson is to wind it down, clear it out and be open and ready for a whole new cycle.


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3 thoughts on “Stuck In The Mud

  1. We must be on the same wave. I’m in the same place right now. In November I’ll be turning 70 and moving into a new decade. Right now I feel that I’m just kind of waiting for November as my 60’s are winding down. So I’m in a stand still place and exactly where I need to be to as you say “open the window of my mind” for the new. Great post. Thank you.

    1. I did a personal reading yesterday for myself and the tarot said that I’m ready for an adventure and that it had already been set in motion but to be patient and not to loose faith. Goodie, something to look forward too 🙂

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