Are You Over Thinking Your Life?




I read the offer from a blog I follow for a on-line course that is right up my alley.

Apply now! You have only 48 hours to decide or someone else will fill this spot.

Oh yeah I am so going to sign up for this one. My mind started to race with excitement. I could see how this course was going to help me achieve my goals for the upcoming new phase my life is about to enter. See Stuck In The Mud to read about that. I felt so sure, so positive.

That was until I got an email from the course provider saying that the first course had filled up but that they were going to offer a second session and again I have 48 hours to decide or forfeit my space.

And this is where doubt reared its ugly head.

You see I have had time to think about my decision to take the on-line course. Sure it still intrigues me. Sure I still would like to take it but now the shine of the moment of excitement that propelled me to act has faded and my never ceasing monkey mind has had a chance to fill my head with all sorts of thoughts.

My indecision really breaks down to a conflict between my intuition and my ego.

Intuition is that inner knowing. It’s the gut feeling that instantly says, yes this is right for you, go for it, or hold on a minute, I’m afraid. It brings forth the excitement of possibilities, fueling your passion down a new path, or it sends little shots of fear or dread to guide you away from the cliff of mistakes.

Intuition is your guide to create your destiny. When you develop and rely on your intuition to inspire your life, you manifest your world more inline with your highest calling.

Intuition works with your emotions.  How do I feel about this opportunity that has presented itself to me? Excited? Scared? These emotions are my guide posts to the answer I seek which is take the course or not.

The ego on the other hand likes the status quo and hates change. Change is unfamiliar and takes the ego out of its comfort zone.

We need a strong healthy ego to identify our sense of self so we can be an autonomous person and individualize our self from the rest of the herd. But if we rely on it’s logic and arguments too often, the ego becomes an internal bully. An over developed ego has a habit of wanting to run the whole show.

The ego under the guise of self preservation will use it’s best tool to avoid change. That tool is our logical mind, it will start over thinking and so it starts the internal dialogue running, “Why do you want to do that? Who do you think you are? What will others say? You can’t afford that.”

It uses practical arguments, most you have heard time and again. Hey it’s worked in the past, why change the program. The ego is very skilled at protecting itself under the excuse of protecting you.

Now sometimes your ego and your intuition work together and not only does your mind say, don’t do it but your gut tenses up and a feel of dread weighs your body down in place. This would be what I call a red flag event. Stop now and think your actions through or at the very least, proceed with caution.

But if you desire real change in your life. The kind of change that brings you to a higher vibration where you will be happier and healthier then you need to distinguish your thought patterns from your emotion feelings and decide which is the truth for you.

The easiest way to do that is to remove yourself from the situation so you can take whatever time you need to get quiet and be with your feelings first (because remember they are your guide posts) and then your thoughts.

If they align to your satisfaction, move forward. If they don’t, you may not be ready to make that decision. Perhaps more information is needed.

Your ego is not your enemy. It is your voice of reason. It is there to protect you. Take it’s advice under consideration, acknowledge it’s fears and cautions, even thank it for doing a fine job protecting you. Then go back to your intuition once more for emotional support and get on with your divine calling.

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    1. Of the two though, I would say my intuition is a better indicator than my ego for decisions in life. Thanks for commenting and continuing the conversation.

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