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The current Mercury retrograde is playing havoc with the communications in my life and it has given me a pause to think on how folks skirt the truth in their communications.

I am in the middle of an exterior renovation of my house. A project the is long over due and one I have dreaded for as long as it has needed to be done. Renovations are messy, dirty affairs. I wipe things down only to see a film of fine dust settle once again. For the particular Virgo that I am this is maddening but I try and look at the big picture and towards the final results.

With renovations comes the salespeople one has to deal with while ordering supplies. Now before I go any farther, let me say this. I have worked my whole life in sales. I have sold everything from snow cones to high end furniture so I feel I am somewhat qualified to speak on this issue from both the consumer and the salespersons perspective.

Sales people have to deal with a rainbow of personalities in their line of work. When orders go sideways, salespeople, being the front line worker, get the brunt of the fallout from both ends. They have to deal with evasive suppliers as well as irate customers. It is human nature to avoid grief so salespeople develop a placating attitude hoping to smooth over upsets. Who wants to be the one to give bad news after all.

There is a wisdom lesson in all this though for anyone who has a need to always play nice and be the pleaser.

When you give your word on something it is like offering an unwritten contract from your soul to another’s.

As I’ve written before, words have power. When spoken they create an energetic force. Words spoken in half truths, even when meant to placate, send out destructive waves.

Have you even been caught in a lie? Even if it is a little white lie not meant to hurt anyone, it still dims your personal light.

And have you ever spoken a lie only to have to lie even more to support the first lie? How did that make you feel? The downward spiraling energy of a fib sucks your personal energy vibrations lower and lower to the levels where stress, unhappiness, and even disease live. Even if you were only trying to be nice to someone else by it.

I used the example of my renovation issues this week because I could see how a well meaning salesperson was trying to help me with an order that came in wrong and left me with a half finished project. His evasive stories were in fact harming him more than me in the form of stress and fatigue and could have been avoided if he had come clean, told me the truth and dealt with my disappointment in the first place.

Instead in my eyes he has damaged the frail integrity sprouting between him and me and now I will question every piece of information he offers me. Can you imagine how, over time that kind of negative energy can built up with each problem order he deals with in this way?

So consider this when you offer up your word to another soul. Truth, while not always the popular option, is the only way that you can keep your integrity intact. It may hurt you initially but like a bandage being ripped off, the sting is only momentary. Once it’s exposed, you can then go about the business of correcting the problem openly and honestly.

By giving your word, you offer up a little piece of your soul. When you give it with integrity and truth you fill in the missing piece with the higher vibrational energies of virtue, goodness and righteousness…. and who doesn’t want to live in that light.


Offer your personal word this week with truth and integrity and share this post to help others give their own personal word too.




















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4 thoughts on “Give Me Your Word

  1. Very good point, Diana. I hope the renovation issues are resolved, and your communication issues spin away soon! Just over a week until Mercury turns direct! 😀

  2. I’m so relating to this, I had a leak in my ceiling both in my bedroom and bathroom, the leak that was coming from the roof every time it rained has been fixed, but the ceiling and part of my wall is damaged and needs repair and I’m dreading it, not looking forward to the mess, but I know I have to do it sooner or later. thank you I enjoyed reading this.

    1. All I can say Masha is that I am sooo looking forward to this renovation to be complete and for the Mercury retrograde to get over. Still have stone work and painting to get done. Thankfully my brother is doing the stone and the painter is a very honest honorable man so I should (fingers crossed) be on the home stretch with minimal trouble 🙂

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