Should, Could And Would; Three Words That May Be Sabotaging Your Dreams



So you have a big dream, one that is near and dear to your heart. You have carefully nurtured this dream for a while now, not telling a soul for fear some uncaring person may stomp on your idea or worse yet, steal it.

But the real danger to the survival of your dream does not lay in the opinions or actions of others, the real danger is the words you may be using when you think or talk about your dream that can unconsciously sabotage your chances of success.

Words have power. When spoken, they vibrate out into the universe as an energy frequency. The higher the vibration, the better the chance of that energy manifesting into something wonderful such as the realization of your dream.

High vibrational words offer clear and concise energy that the universe can manifest into being quickly, like an arrow hitting the bulls eye. These words also offer positive emotional value to you, as well strengthening your self belief and confidence.

Using words that are ambiguous in their intention have little chance of hitting anything. Its like shooting the arrow in the general direction of the bulls eye, but looking in another direction as you are releasing it. Hitting the bulls eye quickly becomes pure chance.

Consider these three words: should, could and would.

If you have a habit of using them in your daily dialogue, you may unwittingly  sabotaging your own dreams.


I should be sitting down and working on the book I want to write. I really should lose some weight. I should be past this point in my career by now.

The word should gives the sense that we ought to be doing something.

When we know we ought to be doing something, and we are, in fact not doing that something, we develop guilt, and guilt is a low vibrational emotion. Low vibrations give off weak energy. There is little chance that this arrow of intention is going hit the universal bulls eye and manifest into your dream.

Dump the guilt and change out the word am for should.

Should says, ” I’m not ready to make the commitment required to make my dream a reality.

Am says, “Not only am I committed, I am doing it.”


I could be just as successful as her, if I was given the chance. If I had the money, I could travel the world.

Could is a word used to express conditional possibilities or abilities.

I need money or talent or luck, or something else that I don’t currently have in order for my dream to manifest. The universe can’t manifest your intentions into reality if you are sending it the low vibrational energy of the emotions of lack, scarcity or insecurity.

Try substituting the word could when you are taking about your dreams with the word can.

Could says, “I really don’t believe I have what it takes to have this dream of mine come true.

Can says, “I believe in my ability to make my dream happen.


Some day I would like to start a business. I would love to travel the world. I would be interested in taking a course to learn how to fly an airplane.

The word would is used to express an intention or an inclination but it is a weaker, less direct call to action. It implies that you may still be thinking about it and haven’t cemented the decision in your mind yet.

The dream is more of a wish at this stage. Be careful what you wish for, if you are not expressing a firm intention, the universe may just grant you the wish however it sees fit!

To firm up your intentional energy, use instead the word will in place of would.

Would says, “I like to dream about all the possibilities available to me.”

Will says, ” This dream is going to happen.”

For the universe to aid you with the manifestation of your dreams you need to send out clear intentions. You are sending out instructions to tell it what you want so they need to be concise.

To create the best version of your dream use high vibrating power words like – I am, I can or I will.

The universe wants nothing more than to help you achieve your highest good and when you achieve your dreams, you are creating your best self as well.

Should, could and would are words laced with regret. Achieving a closely held dream feels the exact opposite.

Remove these three words from your vocabulary and free up the trajectory of your intentions. You will have a greater chance of hitting the universe’s bulls eye by using high vibrational, positive words instead, and achieve your dreams that much faster.


What goals in your life have you been putting off with should, could and would? Join the conversation and leave a comment.



















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