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There comes a time in everyone’s life when the need to change is stronger than the safety of staying the same.

You no longer want the same old things. The new wants though, are distantly off on the horizon, waiting patiently for you to grab hold and pull yourself into the future.

That is how we grow and evolve after all.

Except, change is hard. Change requires commitment, focus and confidence. Change, even though you want it so very much, can scare the crap out of you. But if you desire what you imagine your future can be, then you must reach out and embrace it.

But before you take that leap into the unknown, here is some wisdom you can use to lesson the fear. You see, a lot of us react the same way to change.

We get too far ahead of ourselves. Dream big they tell you. Shoot for the stars. Reach for the brass ring. All great advice meant to inspire, but instead, we become overwhelmed with the endless possibilities.

We begin to over-analyze scenario’s that may never come to pass. We start stressing about systems that we do not yet have the knowledge to operate. Where will the money come from? What about the resources, the expertise? What happens if I fail?

Our ego soon takes over and shuts it all down with a heavy injection of fear. It is an automatic defense mechanism really, designed to protect us. Besides, the ego hates change.

If this sounds familiar, then of course you would feel overwhelmed and scared because you are coming at this with your today brain. It does not have all the experience and tools yet to handle what your future brain will require. You are at a student thinking level in this new dream and yet you end up worrying about professional level problems.

To chart a path from point A to point B, you must first know where point A is.



When you desire to reach out towards your future, you must first have your feet planted firmly in the present. That is your starting point, your point A.

Take stock of what you have right now in this moment. What do you know? What resources do you possess? And what one thing can you do with these assets to get one step closer to point B?

To affect change in your life and move forward towards a future goal, that is all you need to know and that’s all you need to worry about.

Then, repeat the process again and again.

Now doesn’t that sound like an easier, and a less overwhelming way to create change? Your ego will hardly even notice. The goal is still there in the future waiting, but the path is sure to refine as you go. Because, with each step you acquire a little more knowledge and hopefully more resources as well.

Before you know it, the worries that once overwhelmed you become everyday matters that you are now fully able to handle with confidence.

Dream big? Yes. Look to the future? Definitely. But focus only on where you are in the present and commit to moving forward one step at a time, gathering what you require as you go.

Life, no matter how you see it, really is all about the journey. Begin each day where you are, get your bearings, take a step and enjoy the view along the path.
























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  1. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday and liking my Facebook article.
    In response to what you wrote here: I agree change IS hard. Did you hear of the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” It’s about adapting to the difficulty of change.

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